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Agent Selection Scenarios: Kansas Basketball

Yesterday we tested a new feature titled Agent Selection Scenarios.  We started with a post on The Ohio State University.  Today the focus is on the University of Kansas, which is currently #2 in the country.  Here are some recent Kansas alum who are playing professional ball, along with their agents of record. Cole Aldrich […]

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So Who’s Scouting the Scouts???

After reading Darren’s post and reading some other commentary around the web, I found it very surprising that no one felt that the teams or scouts were at fault in the Darrell Arthur situation.  Don’t get me wrong, I agree his agent certainly fumbled the ball in regards to clarifying his client’s medical condition to […]

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Grading The NBA Draft (By Agencies)

It has been a week since ESPN delightfully covered the 2008 NBA Draft.  Adam Silver has never had as many people cheer for him in his life (if you did not see the second round, then you have no idea what I am talking about).  We have had enough time to digest the plethora of […]

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A $1,118,060 Mistake

While watching the 2008 NBA Draft last week, I could not help myself from drawing a connection between Brady Quinn and Darrell Arthur.  Sure, they are not the same color and do not even play the same sport, but both had to go through the agonizing experience of having ESPN cameras flash their lights on […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

Cool news: I am scheduled to have an interview with Leigh Steinberg on Monday to discuss his efforts in promoting a cause to prevent, appropriately diagnose and treat sports concussions. Not so cool news: I actually had a mild concussion this week. At least we have something to talk about! On the real, I still […]

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Who Will Represent The 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions?

The Kansas Jayhawks and the Memphis Tigers are set to tip off the 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tonight at 9:21PM EST, and until that time, many newspapers and blogs will be writing about the two teams and their players, and contemplating which team that wears the color blue will come out victorious. One common […]