Leinart Ditches Steinberg

Leigh Steinberg apparently wouldn't have represented that face well

After originally hiring Leigh Steinberg as his agent, Matt Lienart has decided to choose a different entity to represent him for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Creative Artists Agency will have the duty of making sure that Leinart is a top choice in this year’s draft. This is an interesting selection, because while Create Artists Agency is one of the premier representation agencies in the country, their client list is mostly composed of music artists, actors, and comedians.

On the other hand, Leinart was already seeking representation from CAA for all matters outside of the football field, and CAA boasts Tom Condon as one of their sports agents (formerly of IMG).

On the surface, this issue looks very dirty. The USA Today seems to shed a very low light on agents in their article concerning this issue, and basically says that no one should feel any remorse for Steinberg, or any other agent for that matter.

Steinberg is going through a rough time right now. According to the LA Times, Winston Justice (another USC player that is supposed to be a top-10 pick in this year’s draft) has also terminated his relationship with Steinberg after originally signing with the agent.

Straight from Leigh Steinberg:

Everything has seemed to be really happy and upbeat, so I’m really at a loss for words. It has seemed to be such a positive relationship.

Is anyone else surpised?

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  • Michael L. Emery

    I am researching companies that offer online courses designed to prepare me for a certification as a sports agent. I am currently a retirement planner with New York Life / NYLIFE Securities, and have found that high net-worth business leaders aren’t that different from pro athletes. I mean high compensation is high compensation. My job starts when the money is made, and not before or during. I am part of a team that handles some insurance matters for Billy McMullen (WR / Was), and I believe that my financial background will prove valuable to other athletes’ long-term goals. I appreciate any advice that you may be willing to provide, and would be delighted if there is a training program within CAA.

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  • Be Smart

    Michael. Start by not discussion clients in public. Your clients must feel that they can trust you!