By creating, I have had the opportunity to network with quite a few agents.  I value all of the relationships that have been created very dearly.  I especially enjoy when I am able to meet up with my colleagues in person.  This past summer, while I was down in Miami promoting the nightlife scene and working on Dynasty every day, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Jason Levien at one of my favorite spots, Big Pink.  After a long conversation and a very tasty meal, I realized that Jason and I had quite a lot in common, and I left the restaurant truly hoping that he would have continued success in life.  The guy is happily married and had residencies in Miami and New York.  It looks like he may be adding a third house, completing the triangle.

I say triangle, because that residence should be in California, where word is that Levien will be accepting a position as Assistant General Manager of the Sacramento Kings.  I briefly spoke to Jason this morning and he seemed to be in good spirits and happy with life.  He will be sad to relinquish the oversight of his current, and soon to be former, clients, but believes that the opportunity with the Kings is just too much for him to pass on.  Plus, most of his clients have long-term deals and will not need as much day-to-day attention as players who are going to be free-agents in the near future.

Levien will go from representing Sacramento Kings star, Kevin Martin, to potentially negotiating with Kevin’s future agent if he is to remain with the team after his contract expires.  Other notable clients under the LSR (Levien Sports Representation) umbrella include Luol Deng and Courtney Lee.