Gary Wichard Is On Freaking Fire

When you hear the term “football agent”, you most likely conjure up images of Drew Rosenhaus, Tom Condon, or Leigh Steinberg.  Why not Gary Wichard?  Wichard is the man behind Pro Tect Management, a company that may not be heard about much in the media, but already has a very impressive client list.  I’m also impressed with Wichard’s choice of a URL for his company: “”.

Wichard and Pro Tect Management represent Jason Taylor, Dwight Freeney, Terrell Suggs, Keith Bulluck, Antonio Cromartie, Elvis Dumervil, Darren Sproles…okay, I’ll stop now before I take up the entire post with their fantastic list of clients.  Wichard keeps these guys because he signs them to record deals.  It also helps him on the recruiting trail, which he is dominating so far in 2010.

Pro Tect Management is additionally benefited by the fact that it has been around for thirty years.  Wichard founded the company in 1980, after playing in the NFL himself.  It is not a huge firm with numerous employees and Wichard seems to restrict the number of players he takes in as clients.  It seems like a good strategy considering the fantastic names he has the opportunity to represent.

At this point, it is reported that Pro Tect Management has signed Arrelious Benn (Illlinois), Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame), Everson Griffen (USC), Taylor Mays (USC), and C.J. Spiller (Clemson).  All of them have a chance of being first round picks in the 2010 NFL Draft.  Is CAA watching?

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  • JaQay Carlyle

    Considering the Pro-tect offices are in Westlake Village, I’d hope they’d land Mr. Claussen. He went to HS right in their backyard at Oaks Christian! Congrats to them on their great success.

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  • Hey Darren, want to potentially do a follow-up post to this? Maybe something with a title like “Too Good to be True?” or staying with the fire theme, “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Usually a Fire.”

    • I’ll let the investigation run its course. No need for me to predict the future.

  • JoJo

    Wichard is not on fire. He is a curse on playing good football.

    Look at that marvelous job he did with Antonio Cromartie last year. His “guidance” enabled an incredible talent to turn on his dark side.

    Jason Taylor? Has-been (unless you rate reality shows over football).

    If you’re a football fan, you cringe when a player you like goes to this guy — or when you’re a fan of a team with a crucial player this guy represents.

    Sproles? Disappointing season.

    Dumerville? Let’s not even go there.

    Wichard is a curse to playing good football.

    But he did work well with Lohan. Perhaps he should put his focus back on that type of stuff and stop destroying football careers.

    Players will realize this trend and Wichard’s flash-in-the-pan football career will be over.