On To The Next One: Rafael Soriano

Jayson Werth, Adrian Beltre, Carlos Pena, and now Rafael Soriano will be on Scott Boras‘ list of clients to shop around this offseason to the highest bidders.  That is because Soriano recently said goodbye to Peter Greenberg and hello to Scott Boras Corp.  It is not as if this is a completely random grab.  Boras is well aware of Soriano’s American League lead in saves and sub-2.00 ERA, along with his 8+ K/9 and sub-2.0 BB/9.  He also knows that now is the time to grab Soriano, as he could enter into a multi-year deal this offseason.

Earlier this month, Boras told Jon Heyman of SI.com that he thought Soriano was one of the top closers in the game, which really is not all that surprising of a statement, considering Soriano has over 40 saves on the year.

Go ahead and take a look at Peter Greenberg’s clients, which are listed on his website – Peter E. Greenberg & Associates.  Anything stick out to you?  How about the fact that all of his Major League clients, save Hisanori Takahashi, are Latin American?  They do not hide the fact that they go after Spanish speaking players, either.  It truly is the company’s niche.

So how did Scott Boras get a hold of Soriano?  Did Soriano have someone helping him out to make the decision to switch?

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