The Sports Agent Blog 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Brandon Thorn

Brandon Thorn is currently serving in the United States Air Force as an E-5/Staff Sergeant. He has been on two combat deployments to Iraq and is serving a six year enlistment on active duty. Aside from his job as a Security Forces member in the Air Force, Brandon goes to school at American Military University in pursuit of his CCAF degree in Criminal Justice. Throughout his life, Brandon has always been captivated by NFL players and teams, none more so then his beloved Denver Broncos. Over the years he has read many books on current and past NFL icons such as Dan Rooney, John Elway, Walter Payton, Johnny Unitas, and Ernie Accorsi. His passion for the game and insight on the players in it is rare and he will be a die hard fan of The League forever.

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55 Responses

  1. Brasho says:

    Are you kidding me? Christian Ponder in round 1? Over Gabbert and others that are far better? The Bucs passing on a DE for a safety when they hae their top 2 guys coming back next season? Adrian Clayborn a top 3 pick? Ryan Kerrigan not a first rounder? What planet are you from? Maybe you are a real agent, and you’ve already signed some of the more questionable picks you’ve made here.. well, if that’s the case, let me be the first to tell you that you are delusional.

    • Dominic Perilli says:

      If you took your time to look, you would see that I have Gabbert as the #2 QB off the board.

      Why would the Bucs need a DE if they have a solid DT duo in Gerald McCoy and Brian Price coming back? They obviously need help in the secondary. Are you comfortable with Sean Jones?

      I’ll give you the Kerrigan error. He’ll be in the first round in the next update.

      And I hate to rain on your parade but I’m not an agent 🙁

  2. DRF says:

    How in the world do you have Clayborn to Buffalo in the top 3? he’s done nothing but drop his stock out of the top 5 all year.. Second, just because the Buc’s have McCoy and Brian Price DOESN’T mean they won’t take a DE, in fact it’s almost unfathomable that you would think that.. They need a DE in Tampa so having two DT’s wouldn’t matter. Also, Ponder might climb in to round 1, but not all the way up to 15, that’s just a little bit early in my opinion… How can you have a potential top 10 player like Dareus fall all the way to 21? Not gonna happen… Akeem Ayers also will be off the board well before the 32nd pick.

  3. Gino says:

    Prince Amukamara will not go in the top 10. he is way, way, overrated in these early mocks. Against Oklahoma State, he was beaten deep four times. Blackmon just abused him. He cannot cover a top flight NFL receiver. He just can’t. Even if he was as good as his biggest fans suggest, he will not go ahead of Peterson. Clayborn is lazy. He will go high, but not that high. I like your having Cam Newton and Janoris Jenkins in the top 10. Baldwin to the Chiefs at 25 is a winner too. Good job, keep it up.

  4. Keith says:

    Umm. What happened to Rodney Hudson to where he wouldn’t be towards to the top of this list?

  5. Raindogzilla says:

    If Nick Fairley was still available at #4 and the Bengals opted for Green over him, I would burn my jersey. Okay, seriously, good as Green is, we can pick up a Jon Baldwin, a Torrey Smith, or even a Tori Gurley later on to augment Simpson, Caldwell, Shipley and Gresham. Fairley, on the other hand, could give the entire defense an identity and a flat out meanness that it currently lacks. Good mock otherwise.

    • Dominic Perilli says:

      I see your point. This is mostly preliminary. Mocks change ALOT as it gets closer to April. Lots of things can happen.

      Thanks for reading.

  6. tulsajim says:

    julio jones is not the 6th rated player in this draft, a total reach,, baldwin no way in hell

  7. Dominic Perilli says:

    Tell me which portions of the mock that you are having trouble with and I will gladly ease your concern.

  8. Mark says:

    The Patriots take a RB and a WR in the first round? Must be different Patriots than I know. Their defense couldn’t get of the field for much of the year – worst in 3rd down stops – and they have issues at guard looking forward, and keeping Brady upright is job one.

  9. Misaege says:

    I disagree Gabbert’s the most NFL-ready of this year’s QB crop. Harbaugh’s not all that impressed with the so-called first rd candidates…were Luck still in this draft they’d all slip considerably. Be that as it may, JH is going to sign at least one vet QB to be his starter. Agree, he’ll draft a QB, but not in the 1st rd. It’d make sense to pick Ponder…for one, he’s already familiar with the WCO. His transition to the NFL should be easier than a guy like Gabbert, Locker, take your pick of the rest. The major knock on him’s been his health…but now he’s 100% healthy. If Von Miller’s still there at #7, look for SF to take him. If not, Quinn or one of the top CB’s is likely to be the choice.

  10. Bthorn86 says:

    Hey everybody, this is a brand new mock draft! I hope you guys (and girls) enjoy it, and your opinion is highly encouraging to hear so please leave some feedback. Thank you and stay tuned for round two!

    • Brtlngk says:

      I think the Jets would go OLB or S first round. A lot of drafts have the Jets going Rahim Moore , Brooks Reed, Justin Houston, and even Akeem Ayers in the first round. What do you think of the possibility of the Jets going for any of those guys?

      • Brandon Thorn says:

        Well I think that all four guys you just named would be excellent fits in the Big Apple. Rahim Moore would be a slight reach in my opinion at #30. Houston reminds me (and many other scouts) of Vernon Gholsten. I think this possibility, along with him being gone anyway in my mock, make it unlikely. Brooks Reed is a real interesting guy, who would be available there. I could see them reaching a little bit on Reed because he reminds people so much of Clay Matthews.

        With that being said, of every prospect available, Phil Taylor presents the most value as well as intrigue in my eyes. The guy is in the mold of a young Kris Jenkins. Jenkins was an absolute beast in his youth and if the Jets could have a force at nose tackle, it would open up so many other things for that defense. I love the idea of Taylor being under Rex Ryan and in that defense.

  11. Envenable says:

    Brandon, you are a football genius. You really are so talented. Keep up the great work!

  12. Good mock. I’m not sure that the Packers need a Safety with Morgan Burnett and Charlie Peprah also on the Roster with Nick Collins… I could see them going Brooks Reed, Derek Sherrod, etc.

    • Brandon Thorn says:

      thanks for the comment, I agree with you, I actually made changes to the mock before seeing this comment but I went along the same lines as you’re thinking.

  13. Pete says:

    THe bengals have a new OC and WR coach. Those are 2 pretty big changes. Not that it matters, they will still mess it up.

    • Brandon Thorn says:

      I was just referring to them not having anybody different in the decision-making department. (I think they need to hire a General Manager)

  14. TommyBoy says:

    Did you know that only 5 teams gave up less sacks than the Detroit Lions? The offensive line is not perfect, but it is way better than the back 7 on defense. With the defensive shortcomings, I would love to see the Lions draft all defense this year. Here’s to the Prince falling to 13.

    • Brandon Thorn says:

      Great stat TommyBoy, I could definitly see Detroit going with one of the stud defensive ends with that pick (Ryan Kerrigan, Aldon Smith) or even Jimmy Smith. Based on who they have at those positions, who’s available, and the fact that Matt Stafford absolutely needs a premier left tackle, that’s why I have Smith going there for now. Backus is a decent starter at left but he is getting old, and if they could upgrade him with a potential bookend tackle, I think that would be a pretty smart route.

      • TommyBoy says:

        BT, normally I would agree, I believe that an NFL team should draft one OL every draft, that’s where it’s won and lost. However, with Julian Peterson getting cut and the barren wasteland of what we call cornerbacks, defense is the most palatable option. I agree, it appears that it is not a good spot for a CB selection, but a good DL or LB may be there. I would love to see Kerrigan under Vandenbosh’s wing.

  15. Lltbball99 says:

    Whether or not the Saints will draft a C/G in any round I don’t know, but to say they will to replace Goodwin for some reason makes me mad. It tells me the person didn’t do their homework. The Saints drafted Matt Tennant last year and they like him. He’ll be the Center of the future. The Saints could use another G as a backup, especially with the uncertainty with the CBA and Carl Nicks maybe being a FA or RFA, but I would hope the Saints address their much bigger needs on D than drafting a backup C/G whom may not play at all. Of course everything hinges on the CBA and free agency.

    • Brandon Thorn says:

      Thanks for the feedback on this pick. The reason I have Rodney Hudson projected here is based on more then saying the Saints will replace Goodwin. I just said that they could let him go if Hudson was their guy, that’s all. The fact that Goodwin is an unrestricted free agent and is 32 years old makes him disposable if they could bring in somebody younger, who they feel can be a starter for them soon, like I feel Hudson will be in the NFL. I remember Matt Tennant from Boston College and that the team traded their 4th rounder this year, to select him in last year’s draft. As I’m sure you know, Tennant started 3 years at BC and was very solid there, he’s a really intriguing guy. By drafting Hudson, the team would be essentially bringing in the insurance of having a viable backup to Tennant; as well as stiff competition for the job. Then if Tennant were to win the job, Hudson would backup 3 positions on the line.

      You made a great point with the new CBA as well. After reading more into the Saints needs, as well as you reminding me of Tennant being there, you may see a change in my next update of the mock. I’m just not sure there are many better versatile lineman in this whole draft, so this pick would carry great value to any NFL club.

      I appreciate the comments, please continue to follow my work!

      • Lltbball99 says:

        Drafting Hudson as a backup for 3 positions does seem nice, but I don’t think they can afford that kind of luxury for a 2nd round pick. With all the help they can use at LB and D-line, I would hope they address that first. The Saints draft best player available and Hudson could be that guy, I really don’t know. The Saints’ draft last year surprised the heck out of me. I didn’t expect a CB and an OT to be their first 2 picks. So, I know I’ll be surprised this year and I probably won’t like it, but who knows. I trust the Saints’ front office.

        • Brandon Thorn says:

          I hear what you’re saying. I hope they address their defensive line or linebacker position as well. We have a lot of time until draft day and there will surely be a lot more updates to this mock. Especially with Da’Quan Bowers pro day coming up, that could create a huge shift in everything. Stay tuned!

  16. Nate McGee says:

    You say Dareus has “versatility”. My question is, as what?
    Let’s break down a few things
    Physically –
    Slow 40 speed
    Does not have the same strength to push on the middle of offensive lines every play (as can be seen by his bench pressing)
    Short arms so he’s not going to be able to have leverage on the offensive linemen.

    Play –
    He put up nearly the same stats as a starter that he did as a backup. There was no improvement from year to year. He’s a situational pass rusher, and a glorified run blocker. He is not the same kind of DT that Fairley is in the slightest. Dareus has the career outlook of a Ted Washington, run stuffer yes, he’s not going to be the pass rushing threat we need in the middle though. He’s purely mediocre.

    • Brandon Thorn says:

      Nate, what you have stated about Marcell Dareus is extremely flawed. You ask what makes Dareus versatile? He can start at 3-4 end, nose tackle, or a 4-3 defensive tackle. That right there makes him FAR more versatile then Nick Fairley who could only start as a 4-3 defensive tackle. As far as the bench press numbers you throw out there, let me ask you, what shows a defensive tackle’s strength more – how many times he pushes a bar in the air or how many times he blows offensive lineman up? Gerald McCoy put up 23 reps at last year’s combine (1 less than Dareus) and he went in the top 3. Warren Sapp put up 17 reps of 225 at his combine. So now, does bench press mean as much to you? It’s impressive sure, but it doesn’t define or even measure a football player anywhere near that the tape does.

      The fact that you just compared Marcell Dareus to Ted Washington is laughable. Dareus has short arms? His arms are 33 3/8 in length, Fairley’s are 34 3/4. You’re telling me that about an inch of arm length is going to make him not able to “leverage against the offensive lineman”?.

      Lastly, sacks are meaningful, and very impressive. For a defensive tackle, they don’t mean as much. If you watched Alabama the last two years, there were dozens and dozens of times that Dareus knocked the quarterback on his back and didn’t get a sack (and it wasn’t a late hit like some of Fairley’s knockdowns). If you watch Dareus in college and say that is “purely mediocre” there is a huge disconnect between what you have seen and what I have seen.

      • Nate McGee says:

        Dareus is a glorified run defender. Thus why he’d be a NT, thus why he’d be on par with Washington. His 5-6 sacks per season isn’t going to transition to the next level because he’s never played inside. He doesn’t have the strength or push that Fairley has which will get him past the OG and C at the next level. Carolina runs a 4-3 system. Fairley fits it perfectly. You don’t draft a glorified run stopped which Dareus is with the #1 pick overall. You need the pass rush, which Dareus hasn’t displayed. McCoy had 3 sacks last year. Suh had 10. Fairley is more Suh than Dareus is. Dareus who is more McCoy will never have that many sacks, EVER. Fairley blew up the line every week in Auburn, he and Dareus PLAYED THE SAME COMPETITION. Fairley owned the offensive line this year, Dareus did not.

        Marcell Dareus and Ted Washington are/were NTs. You said yourself, that would be the position he would play in a 4-3. In Washington’s final year at Louisville, he had 7 sacks. (One more than Dareus entire year as a starter) and then never had more than 4.5 his entire NFL career. Dareus isn’t going to turn into some prototypical pass rushing 4-3 DT. He’s not going to put up 6 sacks a year at the next level.

        Let’s talk about living around the QB this past year shall we?
        Fairley had 12 sacks, 21 TFLs, and 21 QB Hurries (you know almost getting to the QB)
        Dareus had 5 sacks, 11 TFLs, and 10 QB Hurries.

        Yeah, your dozens and dozens of times didn’t hold up very well.

        • Brandon Thorn says:

          I disagree with so much of what you are saying that I wouldn’t know where to start. You calling Dareus a “glorified run defender” is absurd. You explaining to me football logic like I’m new to the sport is offending. You completely ignored how I made nearly every point from your first post backfire on you. You just posted that Carolina runs the 4-3, they will run just as much 3-4 as 4-3, Ron Rivera just got finished running the 3-4 in San Diego for years. He will incooperate both of them into this defense.
          *I didn’t say Dareus would play NT in the 4-3, there is no such thing. It’s a 1 technique and a 3 technique, the NT is a term reserved for the 3-4.
          *If you go around and ask ten scouts who resembles Suh more, Fairley or Dareus, you will get 10 saying it is Dareus. I’m beginning to think you are rambling at this point.
          *Saying Dareus never has played inside is ridiculous. A 3-4 defensive end plays inside virtually every play. You obviously do not have any games recorded, and do not study any film. You sound like the type of fan who is stuck in what he’s heard or seen from a handful of football games, not the whole picture.

  17. Nate McGee says:

    Couple more notes:
    Bowers has too many injury issues with his knee to stay a top 10 pick. You don’t take a player of that much liability that high in the draft.

    Watt is better than Kerrigan, Kerrigan would be lucky to reach that high.

    Wilkerson should be a lot higher, higher than Liugett and Taylor at least. Dude is a freaking beast.

    • Brandon Thorn says:

      I’m not so sure what “too many injury issues with his knee” you are talking about. He is having his pro day on April 1st, we’ll see how he does then. Did you know that this knee injury is a torn meniscus and he tore it on November 6th against N.C. State, but played out the remainder of the season without missing a single game? I’m not too concerned about this one injury at all. Plenty of previous top 10 picks have had injuries in their college careers.

      Watt is better than Kerrigan, at what position? As a 3-4 defensive end or a defensive tackle sure. As a 4-3 defensive end, Kerrigan has proven throughout his entire college career that he is way above J.J. Watt. Watt had 11 sacks and 2 forced fumbles in his career at Wisconsin. That’s not bad at all. Kerrigan had 32 sacks and 14 forced fumbles. He’s the Big Ten’s All-Time leader in forced fumbles, and 2nd in Purdue history in sacks. So based off of their production, it isn’t even a discussion. Kerrigan & Watt both have prototypical size for their respective positions. Kerrigan & Watt both worked out great at the combine, Kerrigan was even more impressive though. He ran a 4.67 at 267 pounds (he’s now 273), he had 31 reps of 225 compared to Watt’s 34, only he did it weighing 23 less pounds then Watt. Lastly, and most importantly, just turn on the film, watch every game of their career (not that I have had that luxury, but I’ve seen a bunch of their games) and you cannot possibly tell me that J.J. Watt is close to the pass rusher Kerrigan is. They both are good against the run, and both will play different positions in the NFL.

      Wilkerson dominated at Temple University against the MAC. While there have been many players who have been very good at the NFL level that came from weak competition in college, let’s not jump the gun here. Wilkerson is a very intriguing prospect who could easily be drafted in the first round. He easily could be drafted at the end of the 2nd or beginning of the 3rd too. Have you seen Phil Taylor play football? He out-weighs Wilkerson by 20 pounds and can move like he’s 30 pounds lighter. There is no way that he is so easily better then Taylor & Liuget, I haven’t seen it. He’s right on line with both of those guys.

      • Nate McGee says:

        Bowers – Have you been living under a rock? Every news writing source is writing about Bowers’ knee and how it hasn’t been progressing back to health as quickly as expected. Many players have had injuries in the top 10 picks, but there has been nothing close to a knee injury. Broken hands, and broken bones in the feet are one thing, a screwed up knee effects every aspect of a DEs game. He won’t have the same burst, he won’t have the same push and strength on the outside. That knee becomes a target for any offensive player trying to make a block. The last time a player injured his knee and then went into the draft was Willis McGahee. He dropped from surefire top 5 pick down to pick 23. Knee injuries are taken seriously in this league.

        Watt – Watt has been a defensive end his entire career. He has the strength to excel at a 4-3 end on one on one matchups. He doesn’t have the size to play DT, so why you are considering him a DT is beyond me. The sack differential between the two would be considered great by your standards, however, Kerrigan played two entire season longer than Watt (4 vs 2 years) while playing in a 4-3 defense which allows DEs more ability to actually get to the QB. In a 3-4 a DE has to be more run conscious, and use his power to overcome multiple linemen. They aren’t free to go after the QB at their own volition. Thus, their sack numbers suffer because of it. If you look at 10 yard splits, which matters in terms of DEs, Watt had a 1.64, while Kerrigan had a 1.61. You want to know what this tells me? Kerrigan is slow for his weight class. If a guy can go nearly as fast when he’s nearly 30 pounds over him, it means he’s going to have a greater impact off the line because the OL wouldn’t be able to handle his size and speed. Kerrigan would be similar to a LB trying to play DE at the next level. He’d be man handled at the next level against the much greater sized OT. Funny thing is about the “bench reps” you berrate me for using it for a DT who needs all the strength he can get coming off the line and getting to the QB, yet you use it for DEs? Talk about hypocritical here. Weight has nothing to do with strength btw. If it did, Dareus who is oh… 319 pounds would’ve lifted a lot more than both, instead he had 24 reps, which is a lot less than both.

        Wilkerson – Then look at his tape against out of conference games, such as Wilkerson versus Penn State. He’s dominated your Big Ten schools as well you know. Wilkerson won’t reach the second or third round. To think that is absurd. You’d be completely ignoring his game film, his combine work and his pro day today. Wilkerson is a 315 pound 3-4 DE, 4-3 DT that has been running circles around Liuget (who has been disappointing thus far) and is possibly on par with Taylor if not better than. Taylor is built like a NT, he doesn’t have a consistent burst off the snap, and rarely goes outside of the tackle box to make up for many plays. He also does not have the endurance, as you could see in many games this season (I’ve gotten get to watch Big 12 games due to location). Wilkerson has night feet which give him the speed at 315 off the snap to get to the QB. He’s a pure pass rushing DT/DE while Taylor is more accustomed to run defense with a little bit of bull rush every now and then. Taylor is a poor mans Nick Fairley.

        • Brandon Thorn says:

          *Again, you are making yourself sound really incompetent about football. J.J. Watt is 6’6″ 292 pounds, you’re telling me you are beyond yourself because he isn’t “big enough” to play defensive tackle at the next level? Enough said.
          *The sack differencial would be considered great by my standards? 32 sacks to 11 sacks is great by most people with common football sense.
          *You said Kerrigan would be “mandhandled” by offensive tackles at the next level. He is 273 pounds, are you kidding me? Do you know how many outstanding pass rushers there are in the NFL that weigh less then him? Go look at a roster before you speak, gain some knowledge about the subject matter.
          *Did you ignore my whole explanation of the bench press? Did you read the part about Warren Sapp benching 225 17 times weighing over 300 pounds?

          The last thing I will say, is that you’re telling me that because Bowers had the knee injury he won’t or can’t be a dominant pass rusher at the next level? Osi Umenyiora torn his meniscus and just had 11.5 sacks after rehabbing it. Kyle Vanden Bosch has torn his ACL twice, he is continually one of the most underrated players in the game. Bowers injury is something plenty of players have come back from just fine. The only issue with this injury is the fact that he may have embelished his recovery time.

          • Nate McGee says:

            – JJ Watt is 6’6 292, which is very undersized for a DT. You can see what similar guys do at that size by looking at someone like Nick Hayden, who is one inch shorter, and same weight. He doesn’t get the same push on the inside that many DTs do. He and Watt are undersized to play DT.
            – I already told you, your sack standards completely ignore the fact that KERRIGAN PLAYED TWO MORE YEARS THAN WATT. 32 to 11 is a great differential if you completely ignore facts.
            – You want to know the difference between Kerrigan’s situation and guys like Jared Allen and Dwight Freeney who are similar size? Kerrigan has stiff hips, he does not threaten the corner like other pass rushers. He doesn’t have good closing speed. He also lacks agility, and being able to counter the pass-rush if he is faked out. All the guy truly has is strength which he uses with his bullrush, however, he has trouble disengaging blocks at the NCAA level. The guy isn’t the next coming of Jared Allen.
            – You explanation of bench press was “look at the film”. Wow, great explanation. Warren Sapp also wasn’t a top 10 pick because of his poor combine performances. Fairley = Stronger than Dareus. Dareus has a better push, thus why his sack numbers are through the roof.

            – Did I say anything about Bowers not being able to play at the next level? No. Did I say his draft stock is going to take a hit because of his knee injury? Yes. Teams will be concerned with the linger effects with his knee injury because they will be concerned with how much of an impact he will actually have. Osi, and Kyle were already on teams with elongated contracts. Bowers hasn’t played a down in the NFL, teams aren’t going to be jumping to take him top 10 if they don’t think he’s going to be healthy out of the gate. Cleveland isn’t going to take an injured DE #6 overall after that injured DE just came off of a knee injury. It’s that simple. When they could potentially take Green, or Peterson (yes I know they took Haden last year) they aren’t going to draft an injured player.

          • Brandon Thorn says:

            Kerrigan the last two years – 25 sacks
            Watt – 12 sacks

            It still isn’t even close, I didn’t ignore any facts at all.

            Thanks for your feedback

          • Nate McGee says:

            Kerrigan = 4-3
            Watt = 3-4

            I already told you the scheme difference for the DE. It’s the same damn thing others are arguing for Dareus. Oh he didn’t get the numbers of sacks that Fairley did because he was on the outside. Well, if Dareus didn’t get the numbers because he was on the outside, then Watt wouldn’t get the numbers either. It’s an either or situation here. Either Watt’s numbers are effected by being in a 3-4 or Dareus is that bad where he put up worse stats as a starter than he was as a backup.

            I also included Kerrigan’s major drawbacks, which you didn’t deny.

          • Brandon Thorn says:

            Every drawback you said about him I completely disagree with. I really don’t think you watched a lot of his games and broke them down. You may be going off his workout in t-shirt in underwear, I’m not sure. How exactly is Dwight Freeney similar in size to Kerrigan when he’s 6’1″?
            “Kerrigan has stiff hips, he does not threaten the corner like other pass rushers. He doesn’t have good closing speed. He also lacks agility, and being able to counter the pass-rush if he is faked out. All the guy truly has is strength which he uses with his bullrush, however, he has trouble disengaging blocks at the NCAA level”

            He has trouble disengaging blocks at the NCAA level? That is such a ridiculous statement that it doesn’t merit a response.

            He doesn’t theaten the corner like other pass rushers and doesn’t have a counter rush move? How exactly did he have more sacks then ANYBODY IN THIS DRAFT. haha I’m done arguing with you, you’re rambling, you’ve been rambling repeatedly. People said these same type of things about Terrell Suggs when he came out because he ran a 4.7 and didn’t time well at the combine. Give me a break and go watch the film. Your accusations have NO backing.

            This last thing will truely show people who read this how incompetent you are :

            “Well, if Dareus didn’t get the numbers because he was on the outside, then Watt wouldn’t get the numbers either. It’s an either or situation here. Either Watt’s numbers are effected by being in a 3-4 or Dareus is that bad where he put up worse stats as a starter than he was as a backup.”

            Watt – 11.5 sacks
            Dareus – 11 sacks
            BOTH IN TWO SEASONS, that is proof that you are RAMBLING. Go falsly accuse someone else’s website.

            You shouldn’t even begin to compare Watt and Dareus, just because you can’t argue Watt and Kerrigan anymore don’t compare two totally different players. Just because Dareus and Watt played similar roles does not mean they are the same player. ANYBODY who watched their careers knows that.

          • Nate McGee says:

            You are a freaking loon.
            Freeney and Kerrigan are of similar weight, thus their size is similar. I said size, we’ve been constantly talking about weight. We aren’t talking height here.

            Many scouts, and reputable sports sites have broken down Kerrigan’s game and have agreed on his trouble on getting off blocks. I’m not pulling shit out of my ass here. Which you obviously are if you haven’t even watch the tape to show the guy has weaknesses.

            How does he not threaten the corner and counter move? It’s called bullrush you freaking moron. What the hell do you think Fairley has been using in his career. A pure bull rush up the middle using his strength to move back blockers. He doesn’t have the speed to get around the corner, he takes the corner with him. Thus is the way of the bullrush. You keep trying to say “I’m rambling” in order for others to disregard me, but it only makes you look like a tool.

            You ignore solid facts, you come up with BS responses that garner no support to your cause. Don’t come to the ESPN boards if any criticism brings out the defensive two year old in you.

            You are now taking my arguments out of context, just like usual. Many individuals like yourself argue that Dareus didn’t put up the same production as Fairley because Fairley is in a 4-3, while Dareus is in a 3-4. Thus being in a 3-4 effects one’s pass rushing ability. This brings about the question whether the defensive scheme effects ones true statistics. If Dareus underperforms as a 3-4 DE, then the same can be said of Watt’s numbers. If Watt was in a 4-3 his numbers would be exponentially larger. But no, you don’t even consider this, you think… oh look he’s rambling, he’s saying Watt and Dareus are the same person. No, I’m not you freaking retard, I’m pointing out that the defensive scheme has an effect on overall production, and yet you completely miss this point because you are more worried about your pride than actually putting out accurate information.

          • Brandon Thorn says:

            If J.J. Watt was in a 4-3 and his numbers would be “exponentially larger” why didn’t you mention the same for Dareus? I don’t know what you have been talking about with a player’s size, but in my eyes, size is a combination of height and weight, if a player a 6’1″ 270 and another is 6’4″ 270 they aren’t that close in size. Weight is one part of it, so it would be accurate to say they are close in weight, not size. My point is that a bullrush at defensive end on the division 1 level will not get you 32 sacks, you have to have the speed, pass rush moves, agility, strength, and burst to get there. But instead of cussing and stooping down to your level, let’s leave it alone. By the way, my mock, big board, and top 5 are all over ESPN message boards and they are doing just fine.

            Have you even taken into account what my mock draft is based on? Have you seen my big board? Where is Fairley ranked on there compared to Kerrigan? I am simply defending Kerrigan because you are undervaluing his ability by a LARGE margin. And to say I haven’t provided accurate information and come up with information with no backing is absurd. That makes me want to ignore all future posts from you.

            It all comes back to your original posts that I made you look like you didn’t know what you were talking about and you flipped out.

            “You say Dareus has “versatility”. My question is, as what?
            Let’s break down a few things
            Physically –
            Slow 40 speed
            Does not have the same strength to push on the middle of offensive lines every play (as can be seen by his bench pressing)
            Short arms so he’s not going to be able to have leverage on the offensive linemen.”

            Dareus has more versatility then Fairley, that much is obvious just based off watching their film. Fairley is a 4-3 defensive tackle, period. Dareus is a 4-3 DT or a 3-4 end.
            Slow 40 speed? a 4.92 at 319 is considered GREAT.
            Short arms? his arms are ONE inch shorter then Fairley’s.
            24 reps says he doesn’t have the strength to push the middle of the line? This right here makes it painfully obvious that you did not watch a lot of him in college. Gerald McCoy last year is a perfect example, he pushed the pocket and got tremendous pressure and he put up 23 reps last year, seriously, you are the one who is looking like a fool here. It started from the beginning, nothing has changed.

          • Brandon Thorn says:

            This should end the conversation of who really doesn’t have any clue what they are talking about.

            Your assessment of Marcell Dareus
            “Short arms so he’s not going to be able to have leverage on the offensive linemen.”
            “Slow 40 time”

            Dareus arms – 33 3/8
            Ndamukong Suh – 33 1/2
            Gerald McCoy – 33 3/4

            Dareus 40 time – 4.92
            Suh 40 time – 4.98
            McCoy 40 time – 4.96

            So….those two things you said, on what grounds were you standing on by saying Dareus ran a slow 40 time or has short arms? Whatever credibility you had was never here on sportsagentblog, that much was clear from the beginning.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed your comment about the Niners having a screw loose if they didn’t take Peterson…I think he’ll be their guy if he’s still around at #7. Only different scenario is if they get a trading partner who’s willing to give up a high draft pick for Peterson…which may allow Harbaugh to have a shot at Ponder or Locker. Yes, he did attend Dalton’s pro day, but he also made Gabbert’s and had a private workout w/Kaepernick. He and GM Baalke are leaving no stone unturned in their search for a QB.

    • Brandon Thorn says:

      Hey CSNinerFan, thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated. Of course there are many trades that could possibly happen, and if Peterson does fall to them at #7 they will field some offers. I’m not sure they should execute a trade though, Peterson addresses a major need for them and is arguably the best player in the draft. I would take him and press on. I am rooting for Harbaugh in San Fran though, I love how he has been studying Bill Walsh’s offense and legacy as much as he has. I read Bill Walsh’s biography “The Genius”, it really gave me a huge respect for what he built there.

      Da’Quan Bowers pro day on April 1st is going to determine a lot for my future updates to the mock as well, I can’t wait to see how he does. I think Robert Quinn should be looked at starting at the 49ers pick too, he could really help a lot of teams.

      • Frank Castle says:

        Good mock for the Texans. The 1st Rd. will come down to Quinn, Prince, Aldon Smith, and Cam Jordan. The 2nd Rd will come down to Stephen Paea, Rahim Moore, Brandon Harris, or Allen Baily.

        I would like a trade down for the 28th and NE 2nd and start the draft off with Rahim Moore, Stephen Paea, and Sam Acho. This would really add value to a underachieving D-Fense.

        By the way, there is 0 chance of the 49ers drafting Blaine Gabbert. The want Patrick Peterson or will settle for Quinn or Prince. They are locked in on Dalton TCU

        • Brandon Thorn says:

          Thanks a lot for the feedback Frank. I have to disagree with you on Gabbert. There hasn’t been any talk of this happening because not many people think he will even be available. If he was, I think he is the perfect fit for Jim Harbaugh’s offense. He’s a west coast QB all the way around and that is exactly what they need.

  19. tulsajim says:

    don’t think browns take og in round 2 got one in round 3 last year that got hurt but are very high on plus no de on roster going to 4-3 so sheard going to browns in round 2 makes a lot of sense

  20. tommyboy says:

    Well, now that the Lions are drafting the Prince, I am a happy man! If this holds true, then I will consider this draft a success. However, if both Bowers and Prince are available, then it would not surprise me to see the Lions take a chance on Bowers’ knee. Schwartz loves him some linemen.

  21. nate says:

    There is nothing legitimate about Jimmy smith’s character issues. Standard smoke screen BS. So he smoked some weed his freshman year. Kid hasn’t had any sort of trouble since 2008.

    • Brandon Thorn says:

      Yea, smoked some weed and had two alcohol related incidents as well. Not too big of a deal but it’s a cause for concern sure. If you think I am knocking him down for his character, you haven’t seen my big board

  22. Fujirama24 says:

    I can’t see arizona taking quinn, I don’t think he can play the OLB in a 3-4 Aldon smith would be a better bet

  23. Mlebenbom says:

    Worst mock ever. First of all the Lions do not have a big need at DE that is low on there list of needs. Try CB, LB, OL, WR, RB, S, DL in that order. If the Lions pick 13th in the second round not 12th and they will not pass up on Carter, Dowling, Wilson etc. Players that fill big needs. Put he crack pipe down and stop being a Lion hater to set the draft up the way you want it to fall.