Octagon has hired David Yates mere days after he announced his resignation from Lagardere Unlimited’s Golf division.

Early yesterday morning Sports Agent Blog published an article announcing that Lagardère Unlimited Golf’s senior vice president David Yates resigned from the company.  Later that day, Octagon revealed that it had already hired Yates, who will join the company next month as its Managing Director of Golf in Octagon’s Athletes & Personalities Division.  Yates will be tasked with leading Octagon’s golf representation practice.

“David’s expertise in talent representation, extensive history in golf and exceptional reputation for honesty and fairness are a tremendously strong set of qualifications,” said President and Founder Phil de Picciotto. “His international experience and the way he does business align perfectly with our operating footprint and philosophy. He will be a wonderful asset to Octagon. We are truly thrilled he has decided to join us.”

Yates is yet another example of the fluidity within the sports agent industry.  Not only do players jump from one agency to another with frequency, but there are also a lot of changing parts within the employment ranks of agencies as well.