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2007 – The Year of the NFL Agent

Yes, the Chinese have dubbed 2007 to be The Year of the NFL Agent…you heard it here first. But on a serious note, look out for an uncapped 2007 in the National Football League. Straight from the mouth of NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw: March 3 will be the beginning of a new league year […]

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Regulations Governing Sports Agents

Being a student studying business I ask myself everyday: How is this lecture by this PhD relevant to my future life? The fact of the matter is that if you are aspiring to run your own business or manage a firm like a Sports Agency you will have to learn by doing. You can gain […]

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Company Review: Sports Management Worldwide

Thanks to a reader who pointed out that Baseball Prospectus Radio had Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of Sports Management Worldwide on its radio show this past week. Before getting into the actual dialogue of the conversation, let’s look a little into Dr. Lashbrook’s company. Sports Management Worldwide offers online courses which train individuals […]

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Are all of us crazy?!?!?!

Probably, but I still will not give up my drive to become the best Sports Agent that has ever existed. All of the signs tell us “Future Sports Agents” that we statistically have a very small chance of being successful at all (and that is with defining success as having one client). So why does […]

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Early $ for Leinart

I was a little disappointed with the quality of the commercials in this year’s Super Bowl. I may have some of a bias because I was mad about my proposition bet with my friends that I lost (I said that the first commercial after the kickoff would not be a “drink” commercial…who would’ve guessed it […]

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“This Is Not a Game” by CFO Magazine

I happened to stumble across a superb article over at CFO Magazine. Many prominent Sports Agents took part in making 4-page piece possible. It is from the current, January 2006 Issue, and is definitely worth taking a look at. (btw: Anna’s picture was not only placed on this thread for eye-candy…but also because her contract […]

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Want to be an MLB agent? (Part I…of many)

The sport that I am most interested in is baseball, but I do love all sports (except for hockey…which is more like a bloodbath with a puck that shuffles around on ice…I kid). Anyway, I figure that I will tackle the important aspects of the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) today and leave the […]

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Race in the Sports Agent world

Since Martin Luther King, Jr. day is right around the corner, I dug up an article from on Feb. 28th of last year that deals with race in the Sports Agent world. Agents of change see slow progress in sports I find it interesting that the big Sports Agencies (IMG, ProServ, Octagon, etc.) still […]

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A snippet from the great article by The Hardball Times

Question: If someone were looking to become and agent, or look to work on management’s side of the table, what are the key things they should focus on? Should they focus on contract law? Going over the Uniform Player Contract, what have you? Smith: I frankly don’t think it’s that much of a legal exercise. […]

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Sweet move Hardball Times!

Thanks to Compson Snopes for linking me to this two-part article on agents in the Hardball Times: Looks like there’s some good stuff in those articles. I will take a look at them later and may make some comments on them in this blog. [tags]Sports agents, baseball, hardball times[/tags]