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BDA Loses Agent to WMG

Lindsay Kagawa, who less than a year ago took the helm of BDA‘s Women’s Elite Division, has decided to leave Bill Duffy and join the team at Wasserman Media Group.  Sports Business Daily reported Kagawa’s switch yesterday.  BDA promoted her to the head of the Women’s Elite Division after she spent five years as Duffy’s […]

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Running Calvin Andrews Into Trouble

Life was good for Calvin Andrews and BDA Sports.  They had locked up O.J. Mayo and were ready for another successful NBA draft.  Then came the news that O.J. Mayo had received money from Rodney Guillory, a runner for Andrews and BDA.  Calvin maintained that he stopped giving money to Mayo through runners prior to […]

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Agent Spotlight: Lindsay Kagawa

In a recent piece on Lindsay Kagawa (“Sports agent no devil, but wears Prada”), head of the newly created Women’s Elite Division for Bill Duffy’s BDA Sports, columnist Marcus Thompson II seems to fawn, just a little: “Kagawa, an Albany native, is what they call a postmodern businesswoman, the smoothie you’d get by mixing Ellen […]

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BDA Sandwiched With Mayo?

Honestly, the day I leave for a ten day trip to Israel, this happens? Anyone who knows me well, understands that I hate white foods (vanilla not included). I am not a fan of sour cream, despise cottage cheese, and refuse to intake any mayonnaise. I never had anything against one type of mayo, O.J. […]