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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (1/15/2016)

Another very busy week is in the books. I began teaching a Sports Law class at the University of Florida’s graduate program, worked non-stop on Heitner Legal matters and signed Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones as a client to Dynasty Dealings.I am looking forward to exploring what types of off-field opportunities we can help negotiate […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (10/14/2011)

Week #2 at Wolfe Law Miami, P.A. was fantastic.  I have been busy working on a healthy mix of transactional and litigation work in the entertainment, music, sports, and even internet (drafting a website purchase agreement) world.  Dynasty is also in the process of signing its first soccer player.  Today, I am finally moving my […]

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Networking And Panel Discussion On NFL & NBA Lockouts

What: The Boston Chapter of Women In Sports and Events (WISE) present “Understanding the NFL & NBA Labor Disputes and Their Economic Impact” When: Wednesday September 21, 2011 (6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.) Where: Nixon Peabody LLP  (100 Summer Street, 25th Floor, Boston, MA 02110) Panelists: Robyn Glaser, Senior Advisor to The Kraft Group, Club Counsel to the New England Patriots Keith Glass, Basketball […]

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On To The Next One: Royal Ivey

Jorge Sierra at HoopsHype broke the following agent change via Twitter: [blackbirdpie url=”!/hoopshype/status/104460217470812161″] As stated by Sierra, Royal Ivey’s switch of representation from Keith Glass to Jim Tanner, leaves Glass with no remaining NBA clients.  Tanner, however, represents Ray Allen, Tim Duncan, Hedo Turkoglu, Shane Battier, amongst others.  He is the head of the basketball division at law […]

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Agent Selection Scenarios: Texas Basketball

I thought that Texas was going to lose first round to Oakland, but only because I believed that Oakland was extremely underrated.  Oakland ended up putting up a good fight, but lost 85-81 to the Longhorns.  Fast forward to the round of 32, and Texas went down in a heart breaker to the Arizona Wildcats.  Now with […]

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Football Agents Fighting It Out In The Wild Wild West?

Immediately following the NFLPA’s decertification as a union for NFL players, turning it into a trade association representing professional football players’ interests, Twitter blew up with football agents Tweeting their concerns that athlete representation is going to turn into the Wild Wild West. Nate Haber of PlayersRep Sports Management tweeted: “With the decertification of the […]

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A Top 10 Agent List Has A Notable Error

I am not a big fan of “Top __” lists.  That said, it is sometimes fun to observe others’ subjective rankings of members in a profession.  Kevin Baumer of Business Insider recently created his list of The 12 Most Powerful Agents In The NBA.  As for his rankings (with top 3 salaried clients listed): Arn […]

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Aaron Goodwin Plans To File Complaint Against Arn Tellem

I am not sure how this originally got past my radar, but over the weekend, I read for the first time that Aaron Goodwin plans to file a formal complaint (if he has not already), with the NBA Players Association, against Arn Tellem.  The complaint will be based on Al Horford’s switch from Goodwin to […]

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Thank Andy Miller And Keith Glass For Bringing Back The Interference With Contractual Relations Tirade

It is tough to find anybody in the sports agent profession who has not talked about Howard Beck’s New York Times story titled, Tampering Leads to Rare Penalty Against Agent.  It is not such a hot topic because someone was actually convinced that an agent knowingly recruited another agent’s client.  It was newsworthy because an […]

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NBA Draft Signing Update

The deadline for underclassmen to pull their names out of the NBA Draft is one week from yesterday (June 15).  Those that have committed to an agent no longer have an option of returning to school if they decide that they do not want to enter the draft pool. This year’s draft class has seen […]