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Jason Levien – Future Kings Asst GM

By creating, I have had the opportunity to network with quite a few agents.  I value all of the relationships that have been created very dearly.  I especially enjoy when I am able to meet up with my colleagues in person.  This past summer, while I was down in Miami promoting the nightlife scene […]

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Nochimson Robbed Of NBPA Certification

HoopsHype lists Josh Nochimson as a basketball agent who represents absolutely nobody for a whopping income of $0 per year.  DraftExpress is a little more generous, listing two clients (Deng Gai and Brian Roberts) for the same yearly total.  HoopsHype may actually be closer to the truth now that word has come out that Nochimson […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

Lots of football and basketball on the Shabbat dinner table this week.  You won’t be hearing much from me this weekend, as I am packing up for my move back to Gainesville for the 2nd year law school experience.  On Sunday, I will be making the trek back up to the #1 Party School in […]