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The State Of Overseas Basketball

The opening and continued expansion in overseas markets has been a blessing for basketball agents for two main reasons: There are more options for placement of their clients at a professional level. There is new leverage that agents can use when negotiating contracts for their clients, driving up their prices. But if you talk to […]

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NBA Finals Preview

The NBA finals are just around the corner, and although it looks to be an entertaining series, we all know it’s just something to keep us busy until the long awaited 2010 Free Agency. Where is LeBron going to play next year? Who will run the floor with D-Wade? Where are Bosh and his YouTube […]

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Ariza, Ariza, ¡Ándale!

Contractual negotiations are not all about the final number published by columnists on Yahoo! Sports and ESPN.  In fact, athletes often sign with teams that do not make the largest offer.  For some players, though, an extra million means a lot and they will do whatever it takes to get that extra coin, even if […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

Lots of football and basketball on the Shabbat dinner table this week.  You won’t be hearing much from me this weekend, as I am packing up for my move back to Gainesville for the 2nd year law school experience.  On Sunday, I will be making the trek back up to the #1 Party School in […]

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Someone Help This Man

Drop your agent, fine, but drop your agent and talk smack about the team that currently employs you?  Not so bright.  I have no problem with a player internally doubting whether he made a correct business decision to stay with a team, but to publicize your feelings to ESPN is not always a brilliant idea.  […]