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Will There Be A Shift Of Focus To Agents Giving Benefits To Basketball Players?

As Marc Isenberg correctly pointed out on this website not too long ago, Sports Agents = The Issue de Jour.  But for much of the past few months, the focus of the media and the NCAA Agent, Gambling and Amateurism division has been on sports agents’ relationships with football student-athletes.  The University of North Carolina-Chapel […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (6/4/2010)

Now that we have changed the look and feel of, I am just waiting for the multi-million dollar buyout offers to start pouring in.  On a serious note, though, congrats to a blog I have been reading for a while now, The Big Lead, on earning a cool 7-figures after being bought out this […]

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Education Is Still The Answer

Earlier this week, Andy Katz of ESPN wrote about a subject that I have covered many times on this blog: the proliferation of runners in the college basketball community.  The main subject of the article was Blake Griffin, who every analyst and self-proclaimed analyst has being picked by whatever team ends up with the #1 […]

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Nochimson Robbed Of NBPA Certification

HoopsHype lists Josh Nochimson as a basketball agent who represents absolutely nobody for a whopping income of $0 per year.  DraftExpress is a little more generous, listing two clients (Deng Gai and Brian Roberts) for the same yearly total.  HoopsHype may actually be closer to the truth now that word has come out that Nochimson […]