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Pool D of the World Baseball Classic began today with the Domincan Republic vs. Venezuela. I had the chance to watch the game on ESPN and was amazed by how much talent they could put on one field. I feel lucky to be able to attend the Domincan Republic v. Italy game this Thursday. With the way those latin fans were reacting today it looks to be a great party.

There have been debates as to whether the WBC is a good thing or a bad thing. Personally, I think it is a good for the game. It makes baseball matter a month earlier than it normally would. It allows for a chance at national pride since baseball was recently removed as an Olympic sport. Players are playing for their country, not for their huge contracts. It also makes baseball a more global sport rather than one in this hempisphere. Fans, sports agents, and teams have the ability to see hidden talent from countries like Japan, Korea, and Australia.

After the WBC I hope to go to many spring training games and parks next week. If I hear anything interesting or see any hidden talent I will be sure to post on it.

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