Interview With Senator Dave Aronberg

Dave Aronberg is a Democratic Senator in The Florida Senate, representing District 27, which includes sections of Palm Beach, Hendry, Glades, Charlotte, and Lee counties. He was originally elected to the Senate in 2002 and has been re-elected in each subsequent contest. Mr. Aronberg has gained the respect of his party, earning the title of Minority (Democratic) Whip for the legislative sessions from 2006-2008. He received his Bachelors and Juris Doctorate degrees from Harvard University and loves our Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Ups (yes, he is Jewish). Beyond all of his awards and accolades, Mr. Aronberg is also a major fan of South Florida sports. Senator Dave was able to squeak me into his busy schedule to take part in the interview below:

Darren Heitner: Do state/local politicians have more to gain from a successful local/state sports team or does a sports team have more to gain from a politician who is a fan of that team?

Dave Aronberg: The politicians themselves shouldn’t really benefit from a successful local sports team, but the community can benefit in many tangible and intangible ways. Among other benefits, a successful sports team attracts people to spend money in the community on gameday and on team merchandise after gameday. On an intangible level, a community’s spirits are lifted when a local team does well, and our hearts are broken when a team performs like the Dolphins in 2007 or when a sports franchise trades its best players as the Marlins continue to do.

Darren Heitner: You have criticized Cam Cameron while on Adam Taxin’s radio show. What do you think about his recent firing?

Dave Aronberg: I respect Cam Cameron as a person, but his bad personnel decisions (e.g., drafting Ted Ginn at #9 instead of Brady Quinn; waiting until the end of the season to play exciting rookie running back Lorenzo Booker), poor clock management (e.g., spiking the ball on 1st and 10 at the Patriots’ 10 yard line with 1:10 left on the clock and a timeout in your pocket?); questionable play calling (e.g., eschewing potential game-winning field goals against Pittsburgh to go for it on 4th and long with a rookie quarterback in his first start?; running a disastrous option play against Philadelphia on 4th down at the 2 yard line when your quarterback is an immobile rookie?); and lack of respect from veteran players (e.g., Jason Taylor) made his firing an easy call. Cam Cameron can be a good offensive coordinator in today’s NFL. He is not head-coach material.

Darren Heitner: What do the Dolphins now need to do in order to be a competitive team in the near future?

Dave Aronberg: The Dolphins are doing the right thing by letting Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland overhaul the entire team, from front office to player personnel. With four high draft choices next year, plenty of room under the salary cap, and a last-place schedule, I expect a competitive team next year, followed by a return to the playoffs in year 2!

Darren Heitner: Have you had any involvement in the Marlins search for a new stadium? Have you been a strong advocate for giving tax dollars to fund a new stadium in Florida?

Dave Aronberg: I have supported tax incentives for a new Marlins’ stadium, but I do not support state subsidies. I support limited tax rebates if a new stadium generates new revenues for the state, but not a blank check.

Darren Heitner: What current or former athlete do you look up to and why?

Dave Aronberg: Cal Ripken, Jr.’s consecutive game streak is inspirational and epitomizes the best in sports. I also remain a big fan of Dan Marino, Zach Thomas and Jason Tayor, who have incredible drive and passion for the game. They played for more than just the money and left a part of themselves on every field.

Darren Heitner: What are your political goals and in what position do you hope to find yourself in 10 years?

Dave Aronberg: I am running for re-election this year (please visit!) and would love the support of your readers. I’m not sure where I will be in 10 years, but I love what I do and would love to continue in public service.

I would like to thank Senator Aronberg for sharing his sports views with us today. On top of being a knowledgeable sports fan, he cares a lot about his constituents. Make sure to check our his website and feel free to offer him your support.

By Darren Heitner

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