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It’s Been A While – Persistence Pays Off

It has been a while since my last post as I have been working hard on academic assignments as well as starting a very exciting new job. Darren has asked that I share some facts about my new job and I would be delighted to do so in this post.

I have been given the position of ‘Player Liason’ at a company called Masters Football. Masters Football is an indoor six-a-side soccer series that runs every summer here in the UK and it is Broadcast live on Skysports, the UK’s equivalent to ESPN or Fox Sports if you like. The series involves soccer players over the age of 35 who were/are considered legends for the teams who they represented in their professional playing days. These players play for their old teams in regional tournaments at arenas around the UK, with the winner of each regional heat qualifying to play in a Grand Final at the end of the summer. For more info about Masters Football check out

This job is a fantastic opportunity as it will allow me to get a taste of the industry I have always dreamt of having a career in. Not only does it enable me to communicate with professional/ex-professional soccer players, but it is also useful in helping me to build rapport with athletes as well as the UK’s leading broadcaster in sport.

The job involves regular contact with the soccer players in recruiting them into this summer’s series to represent their old teams. I have also been given responsibilities in marketing as well as assisting in writing for the Official Masters Football programme for the 2008 series. So far it has been a blast. It is my first proper job in sport and has so far lived up to everything we all love about this marvellous industry.

I am sure that all of’s contributors would agree that we get many emails from readers who are just as enthusiastic as ourselves, and desperate for advice on how to break into this very niche industry. To those who aspire to get into the sports business I can advise you that persistence pays off. I mailed my CV to the owners of Masters Football last summer, and continued to follow up with emails, often with no response. Eventually I was called in for an interview earlier this year and was offered the role 4-6 weeks later. Bombard anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest. If you REALLY do want to get into the sports business you WILL make it. If you are not 100% committed then you wont because there will be someone else there ready to offer that extra 0.1%. Whilst this job is only the beginning for me, and by no means an assurance/guarantee of long-term employment in the sports business, it will be a very useful learning experience. All these factors help in the long term.

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I def. thought Memphis was going to win. They shot themselves in the foot with the poor FT shooting in the end.

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