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Michael Vick: Life After Football

Microphone Mike Vick

In a report that sounds like the set-up to a Longest Yard joke but is apparently completely serious, Gary Myers of the New York Daily News writes that Michael Vick is playing football in prison.

Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback who pleaded guilty to felony charges related to his Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting ring, is in a minimum security satellite prison camp at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. And Myers reports that Falcons owner Arthur Blank has received letters from Vick that detail his prison football games

What happens when you are a celebrity that is not wanted in your previous profession? You become a Hollywood actor. Don’t get it twisted, I still have faith in Vick and his abilities but it may be time that Vick starts examining other ways to capitalize on the brand that he created (before the dog fighting allegations). Vick can be a marketer’s dream when he gets out of prison in 2009. There are a lot of products that could be sold using Vick’s image.

Acting could be the ticket for the athlete his father nicknamed “Bullet” early in childhood. How about professional wrestling? Zab “Money” Judah made some decent bank. The music industry? Microphone Mike Vick is kind of catchy. We all know troubled NFL legend, OJ Simpson made some great film appearances in his day. Yes, this post is half tongue and cheek, but really, what do you do when you can’t come back home (to football)?

By Kenji Summers

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Michael Vick should (I believe he will) have his chance to return to football. It will not be in the form of a franchise quarterback where he is the face of an NFL team, but it may be as a WR slash type player. Vick is serving his debt to society and why wouldn’t an NFL franchise be willing to acquire his services for close to a minimum salary contract? Our country believes in second chances and some NFL teams will want to be the “good guys” and give him that chance (and also acquire a dynamic runner with the football in his hands). No one can be sure, but hopefully he gets his chance to return to the NFL.

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