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Remember Entourage?

Remember Entourage? You know, that small time show on HBO that comes back this September after a long (and I mean long) hiatus? Really though, Entourage gives a look into one of the subjects of this sports agent world, the real life Ari Gold. Ari Emanuel founded Endeavor in 1995 after he left acclaimed agency, […]

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Shaq Goes in on Kobe (pause)

“Kobe tell me how my a** taste” Tell me how my a** taste? If I was Kobe I would be calling on a ghost writer such as (Mad) Skillz to come and destroy Shaq’s rap career (again). Shaquille is playing the marketing game and I applaud his attempt, but why is Shaq snitching on himself […]

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The Katrina Effect

“Everybody loves New Orleans right now,” he said. “Sometimes, if you run an athlete nationwide, you might offend some of his rival fans. But with Chris, you can run him nationally and nobody hates him.” –Tom George of Octagon, Chris Paul’s agent Chris Paul has recently signed a deal to be an endorser for deodorant […]

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Short and Sweet 2: The OJ Edition

“He (OJ Mayo) played within the rules of the game; and this is the game, runners, agents, shoe companies, other elements, this is the game. He had no other choice but to play it.” –Louis Johnson, ex-O.J. Mayo (athletes) confidant in regards to the situation involving Rodney Guillory (runners) and BDA Sports Management (representation). In […]

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Short and Sweet

“The sports agent business has become so corrupt — I would not encourage anyone to try to become an agent right now.” — Legendary NBA agent David Falk (, 4/22). Is Falk jealous of the new crop of agents’ successes? Or does he present a realistic view of the current climate of athlete representation?

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Love on Ice

So the NHL has finally completed their comeback. When was this, you ask? Look no further than the upcoming Mike Myers, Justin Timberlake, and Jessica Alba film. Hockey purists may argue that the NHL has never fallen off but numbers don’t lie. Since returning from the league’s lockout a few years back, attendance and viewership […]

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Michael Vick: Life After Football

In a report that sounds like the set-up to a Longest Yard joke but is apparently completely serious, Gary Myers of the New York Daily News writes that Michael Vick is playing football in prison. Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback who pleaded guilty to felony charges related to his Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting ring, […]

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Nike and Adidas Proudly Made in China?

Part of Nike’s (majority ambush strategy) and Adidas’s (official partner) sponsorship activation during the Beijing Olympics will be a focus on integrating into Chinese (Eastern) fashion. But what exactly is the Chinese look? And how can global sneaker companies change from traditional West to Contemporary East? In a recent Wall Street Journal article reporter Sky […]


Is LT down with Nike or Under Armour?

“In a ‘60 Minutes’ piece, posted on (Todd) Durkin’s site, Durkin is working Tomlinson out in Under Armour.” Wait I thought LT was a Nike athlete? Darren (not Heitner) Rovell of CNBC posted an interesting article on whether consumers are feeling conflicted by the current Nike and Under Armour war. His main case being that […]

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Want to be a wealthy celeb-athlete like BECKHAM?

Celebrity and soccer player, David Beckham has recently inked (another) endorsement deal; this time a two-year deal with permanent marker company, Sharpie. The deal was negotiated by BrandBuzz, NY, a division of Young & Rubicam Brands, a fully owned subsidiary of WPP Group plc. (WPP is the world’s second-largest advertising and marketing conglomerate). Terms of […]