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The Katrina Effect

“Everybody loves New Orleans right now,” he said. “Sometimes, if you run an athlete nationwide, you might offend some of his rival fans. But with Chris, you can run him nationally and nobody hates him.” –Tom George of Octagon, Chris Paul’s agent

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Chris Paul has recently signed a deal to be an endorser for deodorant maker, Right Guard. Is Paul’s popularity being primarily driven by his basketball ability? His boyish charm? His “clean” image? Or the Katrina Effect? Let’s discuss.

By Kenji Summers

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2 replies on “The Katrina Effect”

I wouldn’t apply the ‘Katrina Effect’ to Chris Paul’s popularity in the slightest. Paul’s basketball skills are exceptional and his approach to the point guard position is revitalizing the 1 spot. Yet Paul’s skills are not, in my mind, are not the sole contributing factor for his success. His “clean” and mature image is refreshing and the furthest from being abrasive to the average basketball fan. I do not think people are concerned with the team which Paul is associated with, rather, people are attracted to his revolutionary talent at the point guard position and his refreshing image.

Good comment Paul. I agree that CP3 is what the point guard position has been missing, but I do not think he revolutionized the pg position. A long long time ago a man by the name of Zeke came and did something similar, but today all we have left are the memories of his greatness. I think cashing in on his brand early in his career will boost his brand’s longevity, but only if he alligns himself with company’s that have similar values and personalities.

I would like to CP3 get a deal with a time piece (watch) company. Hi-end watch company’s are dependable, consistent, always in demand; just like Chris Paul. Look out for that move…

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