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One and Done

Last Thursday night we saw 10 college freshmen get drafted in the 2008 NBA Draft. Those 10 freshmen dazzled college basketball from opening night, to the NCAA Championship game.

But after seeing those 10 kids get drafted, it really makes you second guess this rule that states players must be one year removed from high school before entering the draft. It has made a complete mockery of college basketball, and the student-athlete concept.

High school seniors are now going to college with no intention of being students, just athletes. While it may help these athletes with marketing themselves, it severely ruins the intriguing nature of college basketball. I would love to see how many classes this freshmen class attended, or at least their final freshmen year GPA.

It’s time that David Stern realizes his imposed age restriction does nothing but harm college basketball. The NBA should follow the NCAA football model, that requires players to be three years removed from high school.

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