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Kudos, Joe Linta

Joe FlaccoLast week, we saw Joe Linta negotiate a 5 year deal for his client and Ravens first round draft pick, Joe Flacco. This signing will also allow Flacco to compete for a wide open starting quarterback job.

Getting Flacco signed and in camp on time was essential if Flacco is to have any shot at winning a starting quarterback job. Last summer we witnessed Brady Quinn sit out more than 2 weeks due to a contract dispute. Not only did it set him back in regards to learning the offense, it may have cost him from ever stepping onto the field in a Browns uniform.

With Joe Flacco signed, there is now a realistic chance he wins the starting quarterback job. He will be competing against Kyle Boller and Troy Smith; neither of which have been able to establish themselves as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The Brady Quinn contract debacle last summer was proof of how important it is to get a quarterback in camp on time. Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing a few dollars to ensure your client a shot at a starting position. The sooner Flacco wins the starting quarterback job, the sooner he will earn incentives and endorsement deals.

Linta, realized Flacco’s unique opportunity and did everything possible to give his client a shot at being the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens.

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