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Rice Queen

Whilst Michael Phelps was undoubtedly the King of the pool, the choice of the Queen is just as easy to clarify. Stephanie Rice won every event she competed in the games, adding 3 Golds to Australia’s tally.

Stephanie won the 200m and 400m Individual Medley and helped the Aussies win the 4 x 200m freestyle relay.

This 20 year old is bound for more glory out of the pool. Stephanie was with powerhouse IMG till not long ago, but has since jumped ship to International Quarterback, who also has fellow swimmer Grant Hackett in their stable. [Rice to become hot commercial property on return]

Already having posed for Men’s magazine FHM, Stephanie can add a multitude of sponsors to her portfolio.

Speaking on Stephanie’s marketability, International Quarterback’s Managing Director Chris White had this to say:
“Stephanie will skyrocket as a personality in Australia. She’ll be substantially rewarded and deservedly so. The phone has been ringing … there is no doubt about that.”

So just what sponsors will Stephanie bring? Having already inked a deal with Bonds (posing with former boyfriend Eamon Sullivan), the field is wide open for others. Companies in areas such as Financial Services, Jewelery, Food and Beverages, Cars and Cosmetics could profit by adding some Rice to their diet.

The brilliant thing about Stephanie’s marketability is that she appeals to all demographics. She’s beautiful, down to earth and fun – men want her and women want to be her.

At only 20, it is safe to say Stephanie has a bright future, which could include another 2 Olympics. It’s just a matter of capitalizing on the rush of excitement that has proceeded her current success.

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