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Tired Of The Stock Market?

Sure, if you find the best stocks to buy and utilize online tools that can help you predict what will happen next, you can make a fair bit of money investing in stocks. However, not everyone knows the best places to spend their money and are too worried about the fluctuating market to invest in it. So, are you tired of the ups and downs and economic instability of the stock market lately? As of last month, sports fans can now combine the “stock market” with their knowledge and passion for professional athletics. October 1st, was the day that went public and unveiled the first sports trading platform using real money. This may sound appealing to you, but you might not have as much knowledge of investing in stock and you would like. With this being said, just like with anything you are not familiar with, doing some research or getting some assistance from a professional could help further your knowledge. Whether you decide to check out something like this M1 Finance review or speak to someone you know who works in this particular industry, soon enough, you might find that you’re an expert in stock trading and will be able to do this on your own! However, before you can take the steps to become an expert, you will have to start at the beginning. Reading a guide similar to day trading for beginners could get you started on the right path you need in the right way.

Oneseason is an online sports and entertainment company, created “by sports fans, for sports fans.” It combines the online social networking factors with the newly enabled ability to buy and sell “shares” of stock based on athletes and teams. Users can create a “Sportfolio” with real money, and talk and network with others about their stocks or about this Sunday’s games.

The first thing you might be thinking is, who and how do they judge the value of the stocks (aka athletes and teams)? Whilst you can find trading software that does this in the traditional stock market sense, it is different here. The value of the player or team is much like that with sports trading cards. 27 year old, CEO Mike Stroka, explained this issue by saying:

“..users trade shares, called Synthetic Ownership Interests (SOIs), via a free market system that is driven solely by supply and demand. Users determine who is issued, when they are issued and the valuation of every issue. While blue-chip stocks fluctuate based on earnings,’s SOIs change based on public perception in the market; which could include game performance, off-field activity, legacy prospects and fan opinions.”

The site is stable and funded solely with Stroka’s funds and several other investors. Although it is still a work in process, is an innovative new site that reaches a panacea of locations. Clients worldwide now have the opportunity to invest in some of their favorites athletes and teams.

Oneseason is adding new “stocks” weekly as the site further develops. Allen Iverson is currently about to be added to the list as an available purchase. His initial player offering (IPO) value is around $5. With his recent trade A.I. should be a hot new stock.

When you sign up for a new account you get a $10 credit added, available after your first several buys. The new innovation seems to be a solid venture and has already received acclaim from businesses and national magazines. So, if you are looking for “change” as newly elected President Obama proclaims, try the new “sports stock market.”

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