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Izturis Heads to Baltimore

Cesar IzturisThe Baltimore Orioles and shortstop Cesar Izturis have agreed to a $5 million, 2-year contract on Tuesday. This past season with the St. Louis Cardinals, Izturis batted .263 in 135 games. He recorded a .980 fielding percentage which ranked 3rd in the National League. Other awards include the 2004 Gold Glove with the Los Angeles Dodgers and he was an NL All-Star in 2005.

Izturis is a switch hitter and hit .290 right handed with a .245 as a lefty in ’08.

Izturis will get $2.4 million in ’09 and $2.6 million in 2010. He can earn an additional $600,000 in bonuses: $50,000 each for 450 plate appearances and 100 and 110 games started. He can also get $100,000 for 500 plate appearances, and 120, 130, and 140 games started.


One reply on “Izturis Heads to Baltimore”

Seems like a solid move for Baltimore, although they are conceding any chance they had at getting meaningful production from the SS on the offensive side of the ball. Still, nearly anyone has to be an upgrade over the players they ran out there last season…

The fielding percentage is nice, but does anyone know how his range looks at this point in his career? Fielding percentage shows he gets the job done when he gets to the ball, but that’s only half the story. Izturis has the “defensive specialist” tag, but I’m not sure to what degree that is still true today? Anyone know? (Plus/Minus rating, etc?)

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