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Schackman’s 2009 NFL Mock Draft…….Part 2

1. Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford (QB, Georgia)

-Stafford is the only player that makes sense here for the Lions. As crazy as it sounds the Lions do have some weapons on offense, now they need a long term signal caller.

2. St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith (OT, Baylor)

-With Orlando Pace’s career soon coming to an end, and Andre Smith’s situation Smith is the favorite at left tackle.

3. Kansas City Chiefs: Aaron Curry (LB, Wake Forest)

-Curry is an absolute stud and would be a huge upgrade to a very young defense. Not only can play the middle or outside linebacker, he also makes the most sense for the Chiefs.

4. Seattle Seahawks: B.J Raji (DT, Boston College)

Raji may have been this pick regardless, but with the recent signing of T.J Houshmandzadeh I believe we can pencil this in now. Let’s not forget they lost defensive tackle Rocky Bernard.

5. Cleveland Browns: Brian Orakpo (DE, Texas)

-While the Browns were one of the biggest disappointments last season, they have an offense that has the potential to put up a lot of points. With that said they’ll be looking for a defensive upgrade. Orakpo is the best pass-rusher in this draft and an absolute specimen.

6. Cincinnati Bengals: Eugene Monroe ( OT, Virginia)

-There was a point not so long ago when the tackle position was a strength of the Bengals. Well that’s no longer the case. Keeping Carson Palmer healthy is priority number 1.

7. Oakland Raiders: Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech)

-While Crabtree may be a question mark, he’s a playmaker and someone Al Davis just can’t pass up on. Maybe this offense will finally be able to move the football.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jeremy Maclin (WR, Missouri)

-While the Jags have one of the top running games in the NFL, they sorely miss a playmaking wide receiver. Not only can Maclin help the offense, but he would also improve their special teams.

9. Green Bay Packers: Everette Brown (DE, Florida St.)

-With the Packers transitioning to the 3-4 the Packers will be looking to add defensive playmakers that can fit into both the 3-4 or 4-3 defense. Brown is versatile and a very good outside pass-rusher.

10. San Francisco 49ers: Michael Oher (OT, Ole Miss)

-This pick can go in a few directions, but I’m pretty sure quarterback won’t be the selection. Oher is a versatile tackle who would fit in perfectly opposite left tackle Joe Staley.

11. Buffalo Bills: Aaron Maybin ( DE, Penn St.)

-Maybe isn’t the ideal pick here for the Bills but with some questions along the defensive line it makes sense. He should be able to step in as a pass-rush specialist.

12. Denver Broncos: Tyson Jackson (DE, LSU)

-This is without a doubt the wild card pick of the first round. With a new head coach, a new defensive coordinator, and a new defensive scheme the Broncos can go in numerous directions. They can go defensive end, outside linebacker, or middle linebacker. With that said, Jackson is not only the best player available, but an ideal fit at the defensive end spot.

13. Washington Redskins: Andre Smith (OT, Alabama)

-Jon Jansen and Chris Samuels are nearing the end of their careers and its time to add some depth along their offensive line. While Smith may have made a bonehead decision at the combine, he is still one of the top lineman in the draft and could sure up the tackle position for years to come.

14. New Orleans Saints: Malcolm Jenkins (CB, Ohio St.)

-Drafting Jenkins could go a long way in trying to sure up a horrid secondary. Jenkins is versatile and could step in at corner or safety. He’s big, athletic and has the ball-hawking skills the Saints sorely lack.

15. Houston Texans: Clay Matthews (LB, USC)

-The Texans have sured up their defensive line and now it’s time to patch up the rest of their defense. Matthews has been screaming up draft boards with his versatility and motor. Of the three USC linebackers he may be the most complete.

16. San Diego Chargers: Rey Maualuga (LB, USC)

-The Chargers defense was not their typical defense of the past. While losing Merriman was a huge set back, adding a big, mean body in the middle like Maualuga could go a long way to bringing back that smash mouth style defense.

17. New York Jets: Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR, Maryland)

-This is one of the more difficult selections in this draft. While they currently don’t have a viable quarterback option, I believe they will sign a vet or even see Brett Ratliff win the job. The Jets defense is loaded and its time to add weapons on offense. Heyward-Bey, has size and tremendous speed, he could go a long way to helping out whoever the quarterback is.

18. Chicago Bears: Vontae Davis (CB, Illinois)

-The Bears seemed to take a step back from their physical, intimidating defense of the past. Davis is big, strong and plays the run well. He should be the perfect fit in the Bears secondary.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mark Sanchez (QB, USC)

-I’m sorry but I’m not sold on Luke McCown or Josh Johnson, both dubbed quarterbacks of the future. Sanchez has the accuracy and poise needed to run the Bucs offense. Plus he’s a great value pick here at 19.

20. Detroit Lions: Percy Harvin (WR, Florida)

-The Lions got their quaterback, now its time to add some weapons. Harvin will fit right in at the slot position and is a game-breaker in every sense of the word.

21. Philadelphia Eagles: Chris Wells (RB, Ohio St.)

-The Eagles will be thrilled if Wells falls to them. Not only is he the best back in the draft, the Eagles sorely need that bruising running back to take pressure off of Brian Westbrook.

22. Minnesota Vikings: Peria Jerry (DT, Ole Miss)

-The Vikings really don’t seem to have any glaring needs, at least that can be addressed with the 22nd pick. Jerry could be a nice rotational player on their line, plus there are still legal issues with the both Williams’ tackles.

23. New England Patriots: Brian Cushing (LB, USC)

-Cushing would be a great pickup for the depleted Patriots defense. Their linebackers aren’t getting any younger and Cushing is a perfect fit in a 3-4 defense.

24. Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Pettigrew (TE, Okla St.)

-To my surprise the Falcons come into this draft in great shape. The Falcons can go defensive tackle, safety or tight end. Pettigrew is the best tight end in this draft and would be a nice upgrade for the young Matt Ryan.

25. Miami Dolphins: Robert Ayers (DE, Tennessee)

-While the Dolphins were another pleasant surprise I believe they will look to add another versatile defensive lineman. Ayers could line up outside or play with his hand to the ground.

26. Baltimore: Alphonso Smith (CB, Wake Forest)

-The Ravens secondary has been banged up the past few seasons and it looks like they will be without both McAlister and Samari Rolle. Smith is the best corner remaining, and makes a ton of sense for the Ravens.

27. Indianapolis: Hakim Nicks (WR, UNC)

-With Harrison out, adding another receiver would be a good move. Not only Nicks big, but he’s fast too. Peyton would surely be able to take advantage of such a weapon.

28. Philadelphia: Eben Britton (OT, Arizona)

-The Eagles find themselves in the same situation as the Redskins at this pick. Runyan and Tra Thomas are aging fast and it won’t be long until the Eagles will need to replace them.

29. New York Giants: James Laurinitis (LB, Ohio St.)

-This is actually quite the lovely situation for the Gmen. Not only did they add two defensive tackles, but they also added a very athletic linebacker in Michael Boley. Laurinitis, is not only the value pick, but a pick that also completes the defense.

30. Tennessee: Darius Butler (CB, UCONN)

-The Titans don’t necessarily need a cornerback, but he’s the best players available and someone that should be able to find himself in nickel and dime situation.

31. Arizona: Knowshon Moreno (RB, Georgia)

-I think it’s fair to say Edge has talked his way out of Arizona. With that said Moreno makes a ton of sense here at 31. He’s a strong, flashy runner who when teaming with Hightower and Arrington would make a nice little trio. I would even go as far as saying as he’s an upgrade over James.

32. Pittsburgh: Alex Mack (C, Cal)

-Yes, the Steelers are Super Bowl champs, but they really need to sure up that offensive line. Mack is the top center in this draft and would be the first step to improving a decent offensive line.

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Gotta agree – No way the Lions ignore the Defense in the first round, and you are an idiot if you think they would draft a WR – especially to take a chance on Harvin! you owe me 45 seconds of my life back.

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