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Falcons QB Matt Ryan Signs with Excel Sports Management For Marketing

Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan has signed on with agents Alan Zucker and Mark Steinberg of Excel Sports Management for his marketing work and off-the-field endeavors, according to SBJ’s Liz Mullen. Ryan has decided to join on with Zucker and Excel Sports Management, the marketing agent to the Manning brothers and recently former Oregon QB […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (8/22/2014)

College football is a week away.  The NFL is not far behind.  I had my draft in one of the two fantasy leagues I participate in last night.  You can just smell and taste football at this point.  However, I must admit that this season of Hard Knocks does not have me as enthused as years’ […]

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NFL Rookies: Big Money Spinners Or Big Waste Of Cash?

The Tennessee Titans caused debate recently when it was rumored that running back Bishop Sankey would take the coveted Offensive Rookie of the Year title. Sankey’s skills on the field were the subject of much praise from Rob Rang of CBS Sports, who was confident that he might earn the accolade. “I expect Sankey to […]

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Is It Worth the Money?

Rookie holdouts are nothing new to the sports world. Every year we see a few or more rookies being advised by their agent/advisor to hold out of camp until a fair contract is signed. Before I jump to support any side, I’d like to present some important points-of-view. From the athlete side: Professional sports are […]

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2009 NFL Fantasy Player Rankings (QBs)

Are you ready for some fantasy football?  Whether you are an agent, financial planner, or even an NFL player yourself, you are most likely going to be fielding a team this year.  Our resident football analyst, Brandon Thorn, will be churning out posts to help you make your picks leading up to the start of […]

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Schackman’s 2009 NFL Mock Draft…….Part 2

1. Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford (QB, Georgia) -Stafford is the only player that makes sense here for the Lions. As crazy as it sounds the Lions do have some weapons on offense, now they need a long term signal caller. 2. St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith (OT, Baylor) -With Orlando Pace’s career soon coming to […]

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Sports and the Economy

As our country deepens into a recession, we are now seeing how the poor economy is affecting the sports industry, firsthand. The NBA has laid people off, the NFL just laid off 10% of its work force, the NHL is on a hiring freeze, and the Arena Football League suspended its 2009 season. In addition, […]

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NFL Rookie Contracts: Fair Or Not?

Around the NFL there is strong disapproval about the amount of money rookie players are making. In April 2008, Roger Goodell expressed his wishes to change the current rookie contract structure. Goodell flung an interesting idea of implementing a rookie salary cap, similar to that of the NBA. During a press conference with reporters in […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

My first official week as a 2L is over.  Besides running around Wednesday night like a chicken with its head cut off, the week was a success.  I was going crazy Wed. night due to the fact that I hated my Child Support Enforcement Law class, dropped it, and needed to pick up something in […]

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This NFL CBA Talk Could Take A While

We would all be acting ignorant if we were to take at face value what the higher-ups in the NFLPA are spitting at us: that increasing rookie salaries is not one of the main issues of pending talks between the players and owners and instead one relevant issue among many. Yes, there are many issues […]