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Rosenhaus Fired, Hired, And Busy

rosenhausYesterday was an eventful day for one Drew Rosenhaus.  He was fired by a client, re-signed a client who had fired him in the past, and negotiated a contract extension for one of his current clients…all in one day.  But such is a normal day for Rosenhaus (minus the firing).

  • The man who fired Rosenhaus = Anquan Bolden
  • The man who re-hired Rosenhaus = Jeremy Shockey
  • The recipient of a 2-year contract extension with the Dolphins = Will Allen

Interestingly, Rosenhaus still represents Anquan’s brother, D.J., for the time being.  The rumor is that CAA and Eugene Parker are on Anquan’s short list as a replacement for Rosenhaus Sports Representation.

Karlos Dansby thinks Anquan made the right move:

“You have to make the right decision for you and your future and I think ‘Q’ made a great decision. He was being slandered in the media because of the decisions he was making through his representation.  For him to change his representation like that is big, man.  That says a lot about him.”

By Darren Heitner

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2 replies on “Rosenhaus Fired, Hired, And Busy”

Boldin has been a client of Rosenhaus Sports since he entered the league in 2003. In 2005, Rosenhaus renegotiated Boldin’s contract with the Cardinals, and that deal still has two years remaining. Boldin is due to receive roughly $6 million in base salary over the next two years, but there have been reports of him demanding as much as $10 million a year, equivalent to fellow Cardinal’s receiver Larry Fitzgerald (Rosenhaus denies this figure though).

An annoucement of his new representation should be coming soon, as the NFLPA requires a player wait 5 days before signing a new agent after firing an old one. Those named on the short list of possible replacements for Rosenhaus include Kennard McGuire, Tom Condon and Ben Dogra, Eugene Parker, and Paul Lawrence. No matter which agent that Boldin ends up hiring, he will definitely be a huge signing for any agency. This goes to show that even the best agents lose top clients at times.

People need fact checkers! It has been widely reported that Rosenhaus has repped Q since his draft, but this is inaccurate. Drew signed him right before renegotiating his current deal.

The problem here is that Drew does this with many of his players. He takes them from other agents in the middle of a long-term contract, convinces them their deal is bad, and then renegotiates the contract. Yet he has no leverage when renegotiating a deal with 2 or 3+ years remaining. He does this to get a big, phony number to report to the media (when in reality, much of that money was already coming to the player under the old deal) and then in turn sign more clients; in reality, the deals are often bad for the player. For example, Q making in the $5m/yr range right now given the WR market at $10m/yr at the top. Ask Chad Johnson how he likes that contract Drew negotiated.

Boldin just wants to get the money he feels he's worth. He thought Rosenhaus always would do that for him but he hasn't. Boldin is a team first player who is as tough and hard working as anybody..his reputation is too pure for rosenhaus to be his agent anyway…

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