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Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers Don’t.

This is the first post by Rand J. Getlin – President & Founder of Synrgy Sports Consulting. What do Deion Sanders, Michael Crabtree and Dez Bryant all have in common? Aside from the fact that they’ve all eaten dinner at chateau de Primetime, they’re all clients of super agent Eugene Parker. What do Mike Jenkins, […]

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Rosenhaus Fired, Hired, And Busy

Yesterday was an eventful day for one Drew Rosenhaus.  He was fired by a client, re-signed a client who had fired him in the past, and negotiated a contract extension for one of his current clients…all in one day.  But such is a normal day for Rosenhaus (minus the firing). The man who fired Rosenhaus […]

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Will Allen Asked To Own Up

Since 2006, Will Allen has been a vital coil in the Miami Dolphins failing engine.  He has contributed to a defense that has been exposed for its lack of depth and especially weak secondary.  Looking at the salary that Allen is being paid, one would think that he would be doing more on the field […]