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49ers Faithful Are Getting Crabby With Eugene Parker

michael crabtreeThe Saints are waiting for Malcolm Jenkins to come marching in and it looks as though the 49ers will be waiting a lot longer for their first round pick to sign.  The battle over next year’s crop of talent is not a two company fight between CAA and Athletes First.  At least Eugene Parker wants his name thrown in the mix.  Many are contemplating that he is holding out his client, Michael Crabtree, because he has ambitions to represent the best football players in next year’s NFL draft.

Parker wants a lot more money than the slot value at pick #10.  He feels that Crabtree should have been the first WR taken in the draft (the honor went to Heyward-Bey).  Who needs this contract more, Crabtree, Parker, or the 49ers?  Parker and Crabtree are banking that it’s the 49ers.  According to,

Per a league source, agent Eugene Parker is telling the 49ers that Crabtree will sit out the season re-enter the draft in 2010, unless the team gives Crabtree what he wants.

I’m calling bluff on that.  Crabtree already has a couple of big endorsements that he won’t want to disappoint.  Plus, what does a year on the sidelines do for his stock?  Stuff like this gives the NFL a stronger argument regarding slotting first round picks like the NBA does.  Should make for an even more interesting Collective Bargaining Agreement discussion in the future.

By Darren Heitner

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7 replies on “49ers Faithful Are Getting Crabby With Eugene Parker”

Hey Eugene and CrabAPPLE (oh is supposed to be Tree)……..Get REAL…. Here's what I want to see the 49er's Do….__So You think Your worthe 23 mil +….. SF should Say OK!!!! We'll pay the other 31 teams 1 mil to not take this greedy #$@% next year and make him sit out Indefinately…..THERES YOUR BIG MONEY CRAPAPPLE and PARKLESS….. Then Make him have to look at the CFL, AF2, or McDonalds for the rest of his life….. Those that signed him to endorsements should be hitting the court to Sue the living Beejesus out of these Low Lifes….

Do the damn deal. Stop fucking off this kids carrier. He needs to get into camp. BTW fire that kids cousin or who ever had the diarrhea of the mouth!

I am tired of the greedy punks. I barely make in a year what these guys make in a game. They act like this and expect me to buy their jersey and drop $200 on a game with my son. Not going to happen. Wake up and feel the economic pain our country is in. On another topic, he is doing himself more harm in the long run not being there to learn the NFL and the new offense, look how rookie holdouts have panned our other times, jamarcus Russell, wasted his first year basically. This will affect his second contract negatvely more so then he will gain in this current holdout. Go ahead and re-enter the draft, roll the dice and see how that works out for you.

Hey it is in the best interest for both parties to sit down and start discussions and either agree or agree to disagree and call it done. But this whole thing of no talks at all is rediculous at some point no matter how good he might eventually be some day you have to cut the strings and move ahead. I still believe if the Niners call the agent and give a lil and allow Parker and Crabtree to save face both parites can still win but really needs to be done before the first game of the season.

How does Parker figure that this hold out with the niners is helping him with next years draft class? Last year he had several contract disputes and it happened again this year. Lets throw in the seymour situation for fun and If I was looking for an agent to take care of me contract negotiations I would STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM DUMB ASS PARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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