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Real Madrid Sign Referee

Florentino Perez, ambitious president of Real Madrid, just loves shopping. He loves it so much that he purchased a referee. The transfer window is shut and Perez can no longer bid for players, so instead he lured Carlos Megia Davila, veteran referee of the Primera Division.  As a referee for the Primera Division, aka La Liga, he was voted best referee in the league the previous two seasons and won the Guruceta Trophy. Due to injury and failure to complete the referee physical fitness requirements, Davila has chosen to put his refereeing career on hold…possibly forever.  Real Madrid has added Davila to their Department of Institutional Relations. His main duties will be to provide comfort to game officials and maintain strong relations with official bodies. As well, Davila will be responsible for keeping all players and coaches informed of rule changes.  Upon official arrival to Madrid, it is likely that Davila will announce his retirement from refereeing.

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Hiring somone for this position is normal. However, signing a well-known ref that has been greatly admired by his peers (other referees) so suddenly and even before he retires as a ref ..that will just feed opposing teams and their complaints and perhpas conspiracies..sadly.In terms of business it is a smart move considering thar he has earned the respect of other refs.. and he knows the game as well as anyone. Yet, Real Madrid does not need help from the refs to be great. .

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