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Book Review: My Life Outside the Ring

My Life Outside the Ring, is the second autobiography by Hulk Hogan and as the title implies, it features the man behind the Hulk Hogan persona, Terry Boella. The legendary career and trademark personality of Hulk Hogan can be described to you by any Hulkamaniac, but the unscripted life of Terry Boella is much harder […]

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Is Beckham a Trick or Treat for LA Galaxy?

The L.A. Galaxy and David Beckham are experiencing Halloween a bit late. On Monday, the team confirmed that Beckham will be changing his costume come January.  Beckham has seemed like a trick to many Galaxy fans, but this season he helped Landon Donovan lead the Galaxy to its first playoff game since 2005. AC Milan […]

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Teams in Transition

Although the transfer window may be shut, it hasn’t stopped the drama for many club executives involved in English football. Newcastle United, owned by Mike Ashley, was recently relegated from the FA Premier League’s top division after spending some time at the bottom of league. It goes without mentioning that fans are clearly upset at […]

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Twitter Troubles Texas Tech

Texas Tech has come out of the NCAA gates softer than expected this season, as they have a record of 2-2 at this point. Last season the team compiled 11 wins and produced star wide out Michael Crabtree, who has yet to officially begin his NFL career after being a hot commodity in the previous […]

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Messi Situation is Anything but Messy

Lionel Messi joined FC Barcelona at the age of 13, where he lit up opponents and scored his way to a massive contract with the premiere squad, eventually earning a starting job.  On Sept. 18th, Messi chalked up a new deal with the club and never wants to leave, stated the official Barcelona website.  The […]

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FIFA President Relates Issue to “Child Slavery”

If you haven’t read my previous article about FC Barcelona offering a place in their youth academy to a 7-year old boy, I suggest you do as this will go hand in hand with those issues. Not only is FIFA growing more and more concerned about national programs acquiring youngsters, but they are equally worried […]

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FC Barcelona Makes Offer to 7-year old Prospect

If someone asked me what I aspire to do at the age of 7 years old it would have been something along the lines of work at Chuck E. Cheese Pizza or drive Go Karts. I can assure you that I would not have said play soccer for FC Barcelona. According to some sources, Barcelona […]

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Real Madrid Sign Referee

Florentino Perez, ambitious president of Real Madrid, just loves shopping. He loves it so much that he purchased a referee. The transfer window is shut and Perez can no longer bid for players, so instead he lured Carlos Megia Davila, veteran referee of the Primera Division.  As a referee for the Primera Division, aka La […]

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Transfer Window Shut for Chelsea Till 2011

On the pitch, Chelsea is consistently one of the strongest clubs, but off the field the club has had its fair share of disputes.  Most recently, the club received notice that they will lose the privilege of signing new players to their squad until January 2011. Chelsea has stated they plan to mount the strongest […]

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Epic Contract for Centre Back

The ink is still wet on the new contract that has been signed by John Terry of Chelsea FC last weekend.  The English Premier League is underway and Chelsea FC currently holds first place in the league and have obviously made plans to keep the top spot this season by signing their star centre back, John […]