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LenDale White Switches To Rosenhaus Sports

lendale white rosenhausThat tweet from @RosenhausSports (Drew Rosenhaus), flashed on my screen yesterday.  Congratulations are definitely in order for Mr. Rosenhaus and his colleagues.  Even though LenDale White is playing for the 0-6 and terribly disappointing, Tennessee Titans, and even though the RB has only racked up 148 yards from scrimmage thus far this season, the team at Rosenhaus Sports will be making some money off of this new client by the start of next season (pending that LenDale is signed by a professional team).  That is because LenDale is in a contract year, and even though his touches might be down, his weight is also down (which is a very good thing).  He still needs to pick up his rushing yards and TDs, considering he crossed the goal-line 15 times last year, and only once thus far in 2009.

Interestingly, before hiring Drew Rosenhaus, LenDale did not actually have an agent.  The NFLPA lists his agent as Christopher Brantley of ASM Sports, but according to Brad Biggs of the National Football Post, Brantley is not an NFLPA certified advisor.  Thus, had LenDale not picked up Rosenhaus or another NFLPA certified advisor, he would have had to negotiate his next contract all by himself, which is something that most NFL players are not prepared to do (Daunte Culpepper and Ricky Williams are two of the few players who has attempted to negotiate their own deals).

ASM Sports is known for its strong basketball client list that includes Chauncey Billups, Donyell Marshall, Marreese Speights, and dozens of other talented players.  Andy Miller is the popular name behind the company, but most likely you have also heard of VP Justin Zanik.  I cannot find any information regarding the company representing professional football players, which makes me wonder how LenDale connected with Brantley in the first place.

By Darren Heitner

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Actually, White was a rookie in 2006, which means that if the CBA is not renewed, the Titans could tender him as an RFA (restricted free agent) under the rules. It might be 2 more yrs before LenDale makes that “2nd contract $”

Well looks like I need to do my homework. Is there a good website that I can go to to learn all of these rules?

Thank a lot, I’ve been reading the CBA all afternoon. So even though next year is an uncapped year, would 2012 still be the last league year or would it be 2010? Might be a dumb question but I was a little confused.

Correct, the last league year would be 2012 (when the Collective Bargaining Agreement ends). Just because 2010 might be an uncapped year, does not mean that the CBA is thrown out the window. The CBA continues to apply until it ends, is renewed, or a new CBA is signed by the parties.

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