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Cutler Gets a New Cut

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler has agreed to a 2-year/$30 million contract extension with the Chicago Bears; this contract includes $20 million in guaranteed money. Cutler is scheduled to make about $50 million. The possibility of a lockout in 2011 made Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook, more eager to get his client some guaranteed cash.

Cutler was drafted 11th overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. Here is a list of the quarterbacks drafted in the first round of 2006 and what they are getting paid:

  • Vince Young – 3rd overall – 6 years/$58 million
  • Matt Leinart – 10th overall – 6 years/$50.8 million

The crazy thing about these quarterbacks is that Young and Leinart are both riding the pine pony.

**Side Note: Kyle Orton (Cutler’s replacement in Denver) is scheduled to make $995,000 in 2009