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Is Beckham a Trick or Treat for LA Galaxy?

david beckhamThe L.A. Galaxy and David Beckham are experiencing Halloween a bit late. On Monday, the team confirmed that Beckham will be changing his costume come January.  Beckham has seemed like a trick to many Galaxy fans, but this season he helped Landon Donovan lead the Galaxy to its first playoff game since 2005. AC Milan of the Italian league has convinced the Galaxy to Beckham, their one designated player, to them for 6 months. However, in accordance with team regulations, the details of the agreement have not been released. Beckham has been noted saying prior to this agreement that he was interested in playing for the highly competitive Italian team to help prepare him for possible World Cup appearances with the England national team. Don’t worry Galaxy fans, Beckham is not bailing out on you during the playoffs. He will remain with the Galaxy until January, after his MLS season is finished. All of this being said, Galaxy fans can expect the glorious return of their star midfielder during the July 2010 transfer window.