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Moore For Me

MoorePGA Tour pro Ryan Moore has made headlines this last week for finally signing an endorsement deal with Scratch Golf.  What’s the big deal? For those of you who don’t know, Moore has been known on the PGA Tour this past year as the “logo-less” guy and not because he wasn’t offered endorsement deals, but rather, because he didn’t want to be bound by the terms of those contracts.  Makes sense right? Well most people would be more than happy to be “bound” by endorsement contracts ranging anywhere from $300-500K, but that is exactly what Moore passed up in order to focus his attention strictly on golf. Moore, in an interview with, stated this:

To be honest, I kind of did a lot of thinking in this offseason and I wanted to go back to playing golf because I loved playing golf again. It had nothing to do with not even wanting sponsorships or if there wasn’t availability there. I just used to love playing golf, I used to love going out to the course everyday and some of that stuff can kind of get in the way. This year, I wanted my focus to be golf, and golf only and just not even worry about that other stuff.

His father, Mike Moore, echoed his sons sentiment in a recent ESPN article, “It’s not about money — it wasn’t going into the year and it isn’t now,” Mike Moore added. “It’s about aligning himself with products that befit his game. … He has a way that he enjoys looking and a way that he enjoys playing the game. He’s a very unique individual and he feels it’s important to be true to himself.”  Unique is right. Moore, at various times throughout the season, has sported a headband, flashy v-neck sweaters with ties and puma shoes (just like a pair people where on the streets) but with golf spikes attached – all items purchased by Moore.

So was it worth it? Moore’s answer would be an astounding yes. Moore finished this season with personal bests of a 70.46 scoring average, just over $2.2 million in earnings and his first PGA Tour victory.  Furthermore, that $2.2 million in earnings is over $1 million more than he earned in his previous season on tour. So to all pf Moore’s naysayers who bashed his decision to forgo $300-500K, he quips “less is Moore.”