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MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement

Just as I finished writing this article, I received news that the MLS and the MLS Players Union decided to extend their collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) negotiations to February 12th, as opposed to their original deadline of February 1st. However, this doesn’t change my thoughts or analysis on the situation so I left the rest […]

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Barron Strikes Back

On November 2nd, Nationwide Tour pro, Doug Barron, became the first player to fail the PGA Tour’s new drug policy and was issued a one-year suspension for his violation. In response, Barron filed a civil lawsuit this last Thursday against the PGA Tour, seeking monetary damages and a temporary restraining order against the Tour which, […]

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Moore For Me

PGA Tour pro Ryan Moore has made headlines this last week for finally signing an endorsement deal with Scratch Golf.  What’s the big deal? For those of you who don’t know, Moore has been known on the PGA Tour this past year as the “logo-less” guy and not because he wasn’t offered endorsement deals, but […]