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Holiday Product Review: Flip MinoHD

For as long as I can remember, there are two things that I can’t stand about November: 1) The fact that I have to start buckling down and think about studying for Final Exams, and 2) That my parents and grandmother will ask me every day what I want to receive for Hanukkah.  Sure, I love the fact that I have a family who wants nothing more than to please me, but after the first ten times, I understand that I need to start thinking about gifts.  I do not have everything in the world, but for the most part, there is not much that I do not have that I really want, so picking presents sometimes feels like an insurmountable task.

This year, after being bombarded with questions, I finally told my parents to look into those new palm-sized video recorders.  I had never recorded a video with my Blackberry (the quality is not so hot and my Blackberry freezes every other second), and I keep seeing more and more people using video to create interesting, sharable clips.  Flip MinoHDDid you read the 2010 Sports And Social Media Predictions posted yesterday?  Check out how many people mentioned video in their forecasts.  I have tried to do a little bit of vlogging (video blogging myself), only to get so frustrated with trying to record with my webcam that I finally gave up.

There are a few different manufacturers of these small video recorders, but I kept hearing about some “flip” thing.  After a little bit of research, I found out why.  The Flip MinoHD is sleek looking, easy to use, and has amazing sharing features.  For me, it is an amazing tool that will allow me to upload video blogs, record my clients, take clips of players that I am recruiting, and maybe even create some potential viral videos.  I opened it up yesterday, and immediately fell in love.  This is definitely something that I will be taking with me to Ft. Myers for the 2009 National Underclass Showcase.

The Flip MinoHD is perfect for any sports business professional, and it is actually smaller than my phone, making it something that I can take with me anywhere.  Again, for sports agents it is perfect for promoting our clients, promoting ourselves, or documenting players we want to have the chance to promote.  For athletes, it is something that can be used to capture memories, but also to record technique so that it can be perfected.  Pitching mechanics, proper swing, throwing stance…all can be recorded and then viewed in HD.  And it is so simple.

There is still one more day for you to get the one you love a Hanukkah gift and still 7 more days to buy your Christmas presents.  The Flip MinoHD is a great buy for anybody who loves sports and enjoys technology.  At this point, you can still be called an “early adopter.”  Soon, these things will be used by the masses.

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P.S. – I was playing around with the Flip MinoHD yesterday, and recorded a little video of my kitchen.  I also embedded some music to put you in a kickin’ mood.  Check it out below (at your own risk).

By Darren Heitner

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