2010 WNBA Draft Prospects: Jayne Appel and Monica Wright

“We’re talking about women’s professional basketball here. We’re still new at this. A lot of times people forget the NBA was once where we are now. We’ve got to go beyond the true die hard women’s professional-sports fan.” – Sheryl Swoopes

Jayne Appel (pictured to the right) is another extraordinary athlete. She stands 6’4” and plays for the Stanford Cardinals. Along with Tina Charles, Jayne Appel is considered to be an “elite” athlete.  Appel is an elite athlete because of her body, size, passing, and rebounding skills. Jayne can move her body to get excellent position against her opponent and score with either hand. Appel’s work ethic, unselfishness, unique passing and rebounding skills has thrust her to the top of the draft prospects list for the 2010 WNBA draft..

Jayne has battled injuries throughout her collegiate basketball career. Presently, she is playing in the NCAA Tournament with an ankle sprain. Although injuries have hindered Jayne’s playing abilities, she is the PAC-10’s 2010 co-Defensive Player of the Year.

Jayne Appel is another draft prospect expected to make an immediate impact in the WNBA.  If you’ve reviewed some of the mock drafts for the WNBA, Jayne Appel is selected as number one instead of Tina Charles. Regardless of draft selection, this young lady is another great example of the “new generation” of female athletes in the transforming WNBA.

Another transformer ready to blossom in the WNBA is Monica Wright. Monica Wright has tremendous talent. She is the guard and leading scorer at Virginia. Wright has athleticism, leaping abilities, quickness, strength, and performs very well under pressure. She was named the ACC Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year.

Monica Wright has had a very successful collegiate career, because she intuitively embraces leadership. Wright can out think her opponents with pump-fakes, execute with precision, and understand the game of basketball at a mental level. Monica is not very well–known as the likes of Jayne Appel or Tina Charles, but she will bring leadership and passion to the WNBA.

As the WNBA continues its transformation, Monica Wright is an athlete that understands the path paved before her. Monica Wright is a leader destined for greatness in the WNBA.

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