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Preparing For The Wonderlic Test At The NFL Combine

Yesterday, I talked to Patrick Fisher, Executive Director of SportsMeasures TestPrep.  Fisher is busy promoting his service now that the college football season is over and NFL draft-eligible players might be in the market for what he has to offer.  Our discussion was as follows. Darren Heitner: In five sentences or less, what is SportsMeasures […]

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Looking Into Potential Improper Inducements By Boras Corp.

Scott Boras‘ company might have exploited Dominican Republic talented baseball players by giving them and their families loans and other payments in return for a better chance to represent the players and earn back the money paid out, and more, through the commissions received on their signing bonuses.  Scott Boras and his company would stand to […]

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Australia Is Playing Baseball In The Winter

On this federal holiday that we honor America’s military veterans (Veterans Day), let’s take a look far overseas, where a new baseball league has been created and is in its first year of operation. Last Saturday, the Australian Baseball League (ABL) officially began play.  It is not the first baseball to be played in Australia, […]

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“Pay Me Thousands Of Dollars And I’ll Get You A College Scholarship”

If you cut through all the bull, this is essentially what college recruiting firms are saying. Companies like College Prospects of America, National College Scouting Association, and Cardinal Sports Management do all but guarantee a college scholarship for high school athletes in return for a substantial sum of money. The services these firms perform seems […]

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Baseball Is A Business And Many Are Pot Committed

Yesterday, I wrote about what money means to minor leaguers.  Most non-40-man roster players in the Minors barely make enough money to pay their own bills, let alone others’ bills if they have to take care of a family.  But there are players who benefit from large signing bonuses upon entering their new organization’s farm […]

2010 WNBA Draft Prospects: Jayne Appel and Monica Wright

“We’re talking about women’s professional basketball here. We’re still new at this. A lot of times people forget the NBA was once where we are now. We’ve got to go beyond the true die hard women’s professional-sports fan.” – Sheryl Swoopes Jayne Appel (pictured to the right) is another extraordinary athlete. She stands 6’4” and […]