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Get Him While He’s Hot

Much speculation has swirled the past few weeks about where Tim Tebow will land in the Draft. Projections range from the first to the seventh round because of Tebow’s unorthodox game and whether he can be successful on the next level. Tebow WILL be a first round draft pick and here are two reasons why. I am intentionally leaving out his ability to sell jerseys, tickets, etc.

1) Optimism is Contagious

Maybe he gets preferential treatment, but when you watch him, you have to buy into his attitude. He spews positivity and wants to be a winner. He is going to do everything in his power to help his team to victory. He may be jaded toward the harsh realities of the world, but this is why he is so great. He doesn’t see walls where normal people see walls. He doesn’t see restrictions, only opportunities to work harder. The minute after Florida’s Sugar Bowl victory, negatives started pouring out about his inability to be successful in the NFL. For some, this would be demoralizing. For Tebow, this was bulletin board material. He uses this to fuel his desire. Negatives don’t exist in his world. Negatives are God’s way of telling him to work harder so that he can become a better person and make everyone around him better as well. We should all take an example from the way he lives. The NFL is a different place and maybe Tebow doesn’t have the tools to be an all time great quarterback, but what he will bring is hard work, quality character, and marketability. There is no unpredictability about this aspect. He will set an example for the rest of the team and this, in itself, is worth a first round pick.

2) Deep down, every team wants him.

Regardless of scouts’ negative evaluations and an owner’s comments about how he will never get on the field, teams know the influence he will have. They also know that every other team feels the same way. He is a zero risk player when it comes to bettering whatever team drafts him. Whether it be on the field, off the field, or in the community. He is bigger than football and GM’s know this. Every GM knows that the team that has him will be better off because of him. GM’s don’t want him to be on another team, they want him on their team. This alone will scare a team into snatching him up. Anyone who has ever seen an interview with him knows his attitude is contagious. Love him or hate him, he is inspirational. Anyone who doesn’t agree, watch “The Pledge” one more time and tell me you don’t buy into his optimism:

The NFL draft is a crap shoot in many aspects. With Tebow, teams know they are getting a great young man. Sometimes draft picks transcend team needs, talent, and potential. Tebow is one of those picks.