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Get Him While He’s Hot

Much speculation has swirled the past few weeks about where Tim Tebow will land in the Draft. Projections range from the first to the seventh round because of Tebow’s unorthodox game and whether he can be successful on the next level. Tebow WILL be a first round draft pick and here are two reasons why. […]

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The Best Recruiter Gets the Least in Return

The success John Calipari has been able to attain in his first year in Lexington is impressive. No one can argue with this. He has been able to exceed expectations where expectations are rarely exceeded, and has stepped up to the pressure of being the most talked about person in the Bluegrass state. The problem […]

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Taking a Risky Holliday

St. Louis Cardinals GM, John Mozeliak, opened his pocketbook two days ago and gave free agent outfielder Matt Holliday a 7-year deal worth $120 million. Although this put many St. Louis constituents’ worries to rest, it raises just as many questions as it answers in the Cardinals front office. The deal, negotiated by who else […]

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The Land of Second Chances

With the recent reinstatement of Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount, the era of second chances continues in the world of sports. America is and always has been a land of second chances. Throughout America’s history, immigrants have fled from persecution, whether it be religious, racial, or economic, to start anew in the United States. Whatever they […]

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The Nature of Amateurism

The recent string of lawsuits arising over NCAA player licensing has raised significant questions about the nature of what it means to be a college athlete, and furthermore, what it means to be an amateur athlete. The pending decisions have the potential to reshape the landscape of college sports and the definition of the word […]