Sports Law

What Am I Doing Today, To Be A Sports Agent Tomorrow?

This is a question that I ask myself every day. Since I am still a student, and not yet an agent, I want to give myself every possible advantage now, to succeed in the future. One of my goals is to read at least three articles or posts related to sports agents, sports law, and collective bargaining agreements every day. A lot of great information comes right from this website at Darren also provides great articles to read every week in his Friday Wrap-Up.

I have been a little MIA on here over the past two weeks, due to studying for finals, taking my finals, and moving out of my dorm. I have just finished up my sophomore year at Ohio University. However, this summer is not to be a summer with as much fun and relaxation as I had hoped. I am moving into my first apartment in about three weeks. At Ohio University, it is a requirement to live on campus for your first two years, so I am really excited to be out of the dorms and into a place of my own. This summer I will be taking the maximum 20 credit hours of classes in order to graduate early/on time, along with working part-time. With my triple majors in Marketing, Sport Management, and Business Law,  I would not be able to graduate on time if I did not take summer classes. Also, in the summer you have the option to take classes online or in-class. Taking classes in-class during the summer means smaller class sizes and more individual attention, which can be very beneficial.

The Ohio University International Sports Agent Organization (ISAO) has a lot going on this summer leading into fall. We have held our elections for next year’s executive committee, and I was elected Treasurer. One of the things I wanted to work on with the rest of the committee was setting up our guest speaking arrangements. Currently, I have spoken with two of Sports Agent Blog’s own members -Darren Heitner and Scott Deady, who are going to speak with our organization in the future and provide some insight into the life and business of being a sports agent. Because of their busy schedules, no final dates are set, but this is a very promising start to the summer for next year. Since Darren served as the President of University of Florida’s Sport and Entertainment Law Society, he has been very helpful to me by providing information on fundraising for ISAO.

As I have said before, I contribute to this blog to help others on similar paths, and also to learn. I appreciate all feedback, whether it is positive or negative. So feel free to comment on here, and  follow me on Twitter too @DouglasVinci.