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What Am I Doing Today, To Be A Sports Agent Tomorrow?

This is a question that I ask myself every day. Since I am still a student, and not yet an agent, I want to give myself every possible advantage now, to succeed in the future. One of my goals is to read at least three articles or posts related to sports agents, sports law, and collective bargaining […]


Andrey Kuchin: The ‘Steel’ of the 2010 NHL Draft?

With the 2010 NHL Entry Draft quickly approaching, most teams, media outlets, and hockey fans have their attention focused on who will be the #1 overall selection in Los Angeles this June.  Sure, trying to figure out whether Taylor Hall, Cam Fowler, or Tyler Seguin will be the first name called presents an interesting debate. […]

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An Intern(al) Look at Becoming a Sports Agent

I’ve wanted to become a sports agent for a very long time. It was the reasoning behind my decision to go to law school and it’s something I’ve rigorously pursued since beginning law school. I knew the industry was very cutthroat and hard to break into. I was lucky to catch a break when an […]