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Should Player Agents Be Banned From Gambling?

The Australian has reported that the National Rugby League (NRL) is seeking to ban Player Agents from betting on NRL matches.

This comes in the wake of an alleged incident involving a first try bet in a Round 24 match last year with questionable bets being placed on the game. Player Agent Sam Ayoub was questioned and cleared of any suspicions.

While many other people connected to the sport (Players, Club Officials, Referees) are banned from betting, Player Agents have been free to bet because they aren’t directly connected to games.

In the light of this matter, NRL CEO David Galllop has reached out to the Players Agents Association to reconsider their position. Their response has been that they don’t see it as a major problem, with Agents not making a living out of betting on it. However, they will discuss the matter.

I personally think that Agents should be able to bet freely on sports in which they represent players. This is simply a knee-jerk reaction to allegations that were proven to be false. The position of Agent in relation to an Athlete is a close one, but it is no different to that of a friend or partner, who could just as easily coerce to fix an outcome. With an abundance of information available through the internet, it is rare for news such as an injury or an omission to be kept to a select few.


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This is an interesting topic – and I think that the “agent industry” as a whole is being questioned in the internet age where consumers can access things more easily.

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