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AFL Agent Ricky Nixon in Hot Water

The AFL’s most powerful agent Ricky Nixon is currently involved in a scandal that could potentially end his career.

A couple of months ago, nude photos of high profile St. Kilda players were released on the internet. The photos were proposed to be stolen from one of the player’s computers by a 17 year old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

In the midst of this scandal developing, AFL Player Agent Ricky Nixon, who represented some of the players, was negotiating with the girl a resolution that would see an end to this saga.

Flash forward to now and it has been revealed that Ricky spent considerable time with the girl, and there are claims by her that he had a sexual affair with her, which he vehemently denies. Adding to this, it is alleged that he brought illegal drugs to her in her hotel room.

He admits that his relationship with her was ‘inappropriate’, but not sexual.

Video footage has now hit the web showing the girl rummaging through what appears to be his trousers, showing his IDs. Another video shows a man who looks like Ricky in his underwear on a bed.

The girl involved has been questioned by police in regards to breaches in surveillance.

After all of this, the AFL Players Association (AFLPA) had to respond. With Ricky going overseas for business meetings, the AFLPA has decided to hand this matter to an independent investigator to get to the bottom of it.

So the question that arises is should Ricky Nixon, the most prolific agent in AFL be allowed to conitnue operating as an Agent?

In the AFLPA’s statement regarding the matter, they look at certain regulations which an Agent must uphold:

  • Not engage in conduct which has an adverse impact on his or her competence to serve in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of his or her clients;
  • At all times represents his or her client with a conscientious regard for their personal and professional welfare;
  • Not doing anything that is materially detrimental to his or her client; and
  • Not acting dishonestly or fraudulently while representing his or her client.

It is easy to see that the first point may have been breached. Having an inappropriate relationship with this girl may cloud his judgment in his clients dealings, considering she was involved in a scandal involving players that he has the duty of representing. While he initially sought her out to settle the matter, his relationship may have provided a conflict of interest.

The rest of the points are hard to gauge without all evidence coming to light. I believe that Ricky was initially acting solely in the best interests of his clients and he has committed an error of judgment on his part, which was inappropriate considering the events that had previously transpired.

Most of his clients have declined to comment on whether they will stay with him until the matter is settled.

I have written on Ricky Nixon previously with posts regarding him located here.