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Alex McDonald Leaves Stride Sports Management, Next Move Unclear

Caroline Wilson broke the news in The Age over the weekend that Australian Football League (AFL) agent Alex McDonald has left Stride Sports Management. The former player and now leading manager had an apparent falling out with the company’s board, which is made up of a mix of current and former sporting stars including Ricky Ponting.

Alex is one of the leading agents of the game, with his client list including superstars such as Joel Selwood and Aaron Davey. AFL agent rules dictate that a player is signed to the agency and not the agent, so he can’t take any clients with him.

According to Caroline Wilson’s report, Alex is looking to move out of the agent business and is considering working for the AFL Player’s Association (AFLPA). As an agent, Alex has been instrumental in finding new ways to benefit players, such as the ‘morality clause’, allowing a player to be traded to a club of their choice if that club is brought in to disrepute.

It comes as a surprise as just two months ago Alex was at the forefront of the Stride endorsed Accelerated Sports Management Program, which included himself guest lecturing on several occasions.

The fallout comes on the back of the recent departure of Liam Pickering from IMG, who is looking to start his own business. Due to this move, IMG is looking to fold its AFL representation arm.