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Stride Sports Management Wins The 2016 AFL Draft

The 2016 AFL Draft was held this last Friday in Sydney. In total, 77 players were taken by the 18 clubs. Unlike last year, there wasn’t a standout player, with Essendon holding the no.1 pick close to their chest. They ended up selecting Andrew McGrath, who is managed by Connors Sports Management. The top 10 […]

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Precision Lands No.1 Pick, But McDonald Sports Wins The 2015 AFL Draft

The 2015 AFL draft was held on Tuesday in Adelaide, with a total of 69 players realising their dream of reaching the elite level. It was not only a big day for the players, but for the agents as well. They had been working mercilessly behind the scenes to get their players in the minds […]

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Can the Australian Football League Justify The Single Economic Entity Principle?

This article explores Paul A. Czarnota’s newly released article, “The AFL, the joint venture defence and single economic entity theory“, which can be found in August’s edition of the Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law (AJCCL). The Australian Football League (AFL) is one of the most unique sporting leagues in the world. Like the […]

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AFL Agents Banned From Betting

The Courier Mail is reporting that the Australian Football League Player’s Association (AFLPA) has decided to join the AFL in combating gambling. After much discussion, all accredited AFL Agents will be banned from betting on AFL matches. However, there is a twist. Instead of the AFL itself handing down the penalties for the breaches, Agents […]

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Stride Sports Saga Headed For The Courts

Another twist in the Stride Sports story with Director Glenn Archer of Stride Sports Management launching legal action against his former employee and Australian Football League (AFL) agent Alex McDonald. Caroline Wilson of the The Age reported the news late last week. As I had previously reported, Alex McDonald had left his former company Stride […]

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Ned Guy Follows Alex McDonald Out The Door At Stride Sports

This is looking like it could get ugly. Leading Journalist Damien Barrett tweeted over the weekend that Australian Football League (AFL) agent Ned Guy has departed from Stride Sports Management. This is on the back of last week’s news that Alex McDonald had also left the high profile agency. A clearer view of Alex’s plans […]

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Alex McDonald Leaves Stride Sports Management, Next Move Unclear

Caroline Wilson broke the news in The Age over the weekend that Australian Football League (AFL) agent Alex McDonald has left Stride Sports Management. The former player and now leading manager had an apparent falling out with the company’s board, which is made up of a mix of current and former sporting stars including Ricky […]

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Course Report: Accelerated Sports Management Program. Part 1.

This is the first in a series of posts reporting on the Accelerated Sports Management Program run by Infront Consulting and Stride Sports Management. I have been given the opportunity to attend seminars associated with a newly designed course to help students learn more about the Athlete Representation Industry. Run over seven sessions, the course […]

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Why Melbourne Won Out In The Tom Scully Deal

A lot of uncertainty came with the introduction of the new Australian Football League (AFL) franchise Greater Western Sydney (GWS). As seen in the previous season with the Gold Coast Suns, players were able to be ‘poached’ from other clubs with the clubs who lost players receiving one or two compensation picks. The news of […]

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United Football League, Canadian Football League, or Arena Football League

The following is a guest contribution from Martin Fischman, Dynasty’s Football Division Director. As a football agent, you have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of your clients.  But what happens when a player is either released from an NFL team with no other teams willing to sign the player, or the […]