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Stride Sports Saga Headed For The Courts

Another twist in the Stride Sports story with Director Glenn Archer of Stride Sports Management launching legal action against his former employee and Australian Football League (AFL) agent Alex McDonald. Caroline Wilson of the The Age reported the news late last week.

As I had previously reported, Alex McDonald had left his former company Stride Sports Management, taking fellow agent Ned Guy with him to form a new venture.

Alex McDonald is alleged to have taken 35 players from the Stride Sports stable, including many established players such as Scott Selwood and Aaron Davey. This is on top of the alledged poaching of the aforementioned staffer Ned Guy, who has already signed up potential a top draftee for this years draft.

Although McDonald accepted a payout after failing in an attempt to buy a share in Stride, he decided that he would begin the process of starting his own company. Glenn Archer is understandably shattered by the events that have transcended, and will vigourisly fight to keep his clients.

As I have previously stated, a player is free to change agents provided there is three months notice to their former employer. Stride has written to many of the AFL clubs stating not to negotiate with the players who have left Stride for this period, as they risk breaching the AFL Standard Representation Agreement.

Glenn Archer summed it up perfectly when he said:

…but it does affect our business in the short term. You expend energy protecting your space…

At a time when many AFL agents are frantically trying to sign up prospects for what is being touted as the best draft ever, Stride will be devoting a lot of that time to maintaining their existing client base, and proving to them why it is in their best interests to stay with Stride.