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Football Agent Carl Carey Responds To Claim That He Set Up Website To Attack A Reporter’s Credibility

Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead recently reported that football agent Carl Carey may be the person who created a website at, which appears to smear Raleigh News & Observer’s Dan Kane for his “sensationalized” and “twisted” stories concerning a “sports agent” (Carl Carey) teaching a class at UNC-Chapel Hill.  McIntyre surmized that Carey is the owned of the website based on a search, which revealed that a Carl Carey of Houston, Texas registered the domain for the website.

I reached out to Carl Carey to ask if he had a response to McIntyre’s article.  “The issues pertaining to college student athletes and academics are very serious,” said Carey to  “We are in need of news stories that inspire solutions, spark meaningful commentary and debate, and provide insight into an issue that is affecting multitudes of student-athletes nationwide.  My hope is that those who report these stories have a productive agenda in mind that will ultimately help student-athletes across this country reach their personal and academic goals.”  In response to my question asking whether he is  in fact the owner of the website referenced by The Big Lead, Carey stated, “I am not the owner of a website designed to smear anyone.

On August 27, 2011, Dan Kane wrote an article titled, “Sports agent taught class at UNC-CH.”  The story begins with the following 2 paragraphs:

At a time when UNC-Chapel Hill officials were embarrassed to find that sports agents had infiltrated the football program, the chairman of the university’s African and Afro-American Studies Department hired an agent to teach a summer class.

At the time of the class this summer, the agent, Carl Carey Jr., was representing two UNC football players who had been selected in this spring’s NFL draft.

The article then goes on to state,

While he was teaching, Carey was trying to retain Robert Quinn as a client. He is now suing Quinn, a first-round pick of the St. Louis Rams, in an attempt to recover nearly $300,000 in loans and advances he said he gave Quinn in advance of a professional contract.

In the past, I have covered Carey’s litigation against Quinn, Quinn’s Business Manager, Quinn’s new agents (Mitch Frankel and Tony Fleming of Impact Sports), and New York Giants defensive end, Marvin Austin (who is represented by Impact Sports).  I wrote,

The premise of Carey, Jr.’s Complaint is that Robert Quinn’s Business Manager (and girlfriend?), Christina White, led Quinn to believe that Impact Sports could do a better job than Carey, Jr. with regards to marketing Quinn and finding endorsement opportunities during the lockout.  Carey, Jr. also claims that White, Frankel, and/or Fleming told Quinn that he should have been selected higher than #14 overall in the 2011 NFL Draft, and that Frankel and Fleming would pay Quinn $50,000 along with pay Carey, Jr. and money Quinn owed to him.  Further, the Plaintiffs allege that Marvin Austin was paid by Impact Sports in return for recruiting players, including Quinn, who were represented by rival agents.

There are a total of 7 Counts in the new Complaint, including tortious interference with contract, civil conspiracy, unjust enrichment, beach of contract, unfair methods of competition and slander per se.

By Darren Heitner

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4 replies on “Football Agent Carl Carey Responds To Claim That He Set Up Website To Attack A Reporter’s Credibility” clearly says Carl Carey is the owner of even provides an address of the owner… and the provided address is the same as the sports agency’s address that Carl Carey works for. Either Carey owns the website…or back in June, someone set up the webpage under Carey’s name/address in an elaborate effort to frame Carl Carey (LOL… yeah, right)

Just goes to show that everyone involved in this UNC scandal is a liar. No ethics, moral or integrity. The only way this thing goes away is if UNC comes clean and tells the real story.

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