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Football Agent Carl Carey Responds To Claim That He Set Up Website To Attack A Reporter’s Credibility

Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead recently reported that football agent Carl Carey may be the person who created a website at, which appears to smear Raleigh News & Observer’s Dan Kane for his “sensationalized” and “twisted” stories concerning a “sports agent” (Carl Carey) teaching a class at UNC-Chapel Hill.  McIntyre surmized that Carey is the owned […]

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Catching Up With Impact Sports’ 2012 NFL Draft Class

Impact Sports, a football agency established in 1987 and operating out of Boca Raton, Florida and Los Angeles, California, currently represents over fifty NFL athletes as their NFLPA Contract Advisors.  The Contract Advisors on staff at Impact Sports are Mitch Frankel, Tony Fleming, and Sean Kiernan.  Together, the three have recruited and signed six football […]

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Carl Carey Jr. Continues His Fight Against Robert Quinn And Impact Sports; Includes Marvin Austin

Robert Quinn was selected #14 overall by the St. Louis Rams in the 2011 NFL Draft.  Quinn was represented by Carl Carey, Jr. of Champion Pro Consulting Group, Inc. months prior to being selected by the Rams.  Carey, Jr. paid for for many of Quinn’s expenses leading up to the NFL Draft, including the player’s housing, transportation, and […]

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2011 NFL Draft Round 1 Picks (Player/Agent)

Round 1 1. Carolina (2-14) – QB Cam Newton ~ Auburn – Agent: Bus Cook, Tony Paige, Chitta Mallik (B.C. Sports/Perennial Sports) 2. Denver (4-12) – LB Von Miller ~ Texas A&M – Agent: Athletes First 3. Buffalo (4-12) – DT Marcell Dareus ~ Alabama – Agent: Todd France 4. Cincinnati (4-12) – WR A.J. Green ~ Georgia – Agent: Creative Artists Agency 5. Arizona (5-11) – CB Patrick Peterson ~ LSU – Agent: Patrick Lawlor (Galaxy Sports) […]

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Elfus & Siegel Team Up With Impact Sports

Brian Elfus and Michael Siegel are co-founders of Elfus & Siegel Management (ESM).  The company has been successful in representing basketball players, with clients like Tyrus Thomas, Marcus Thornton, and Connor Atchley.  But Michael Siegel has been interested in getting involved with football representation for a while. Siegel is listed as an NFLPA certified Contract […]